App Review: Market Suggest

Market Suggest, brought to us by AndroidLib, is a new way to discover great Android apps. It looks and feels similar to the default Market app, but it provides many additional features which make it easier to find the fantastic applications that you may be missing out on. It suggests to you a list of applications, which is compiled based on the apps already installed on your phone.

The default market has some serious issues currently, which we can only hope will be addressed soon. But in the meantime, Market Suggest goes a long way to improving the overall market experience. I imagine that some time in the future the market will come to have these features and many more. But for now we’re left with a third party alternative, which does the job even if it leaves room for improvement.

In playing with Market Suggest I’ve noticed a few things about it. When you choose to search based on a specific app the results are largely the same as when you do a generic search. The keyword search preforms much better than the default market. However, it has a much longer loading time than the market, presumably because it has to scan your phones installed apps and generate the list based on that.


  • Smart search algorithm suggests apps based on the ones that are installed and used on your phone.
  • Open Market page
  • Open page
  • Suggest apps based on this one
  • Share with a friend
  • Keyword search
  • Easy to use feedback interaction.

This App Was Tested Using: T-mobile MyTouch 3g
Presentation: Styled after the default Market app. Clean and responsive.
Value: Great as a way to discover new apps. Or as a complete Market replacement.
Stability/Resources: The initial load time is slow, but once it is loaded it is just as quick and responsive as the Market.
Bottom Line: Great looking alternative market to find all of the best apps.

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  1. Grüner Tee
    December 30, 09:27 Reply

    WOW,tha is great.I also heard that Five months ago the Android Market had 10,000 applications. Today, as reported by AndroidLib, Android Market has doubled in size since then and hit the 20k app market.

  2. Mike
    December 30, 16:01 Reply

    Can you put a QR code to the app so we can just scan and download? It'd be much appreciated :)

  3. Jordan
    December 30, 16:14 Reply

    I have played with Market Suggest and compared it to the standard market and my search results were almost always identical or very close to identical. For me, I didn't see anything that made it worth using over the standard market.

  4. Anon
    December 30, 16:26 Reply

    QR code and / or link to the app or publisher please.

    I love the site and all the app reviews but this is something that would be very helpful to me.

  5. Davest010
    December 31, 15:22 Reply

    Ditto…QR codes are very helpful. It would be great if you guys made them a standard part of your reviews!

  6. Ansaf
    May 09, 14:32 Reply

    Can some one send me the .apk file?
    I don’t have the Android Market in my phone either. mine is HTC hero.

  7. niniii0
    June 07, 03:51 Reply

    I love the site and all the app reviews but this is something that would be very helpful to me.

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