Everything We Know About the Nexus One – And a Few Things We Still Don’t [UPDATED]

nexus_one_01We know there’s a lot to keep up with in regardds to the Nexus One so we’ve tasked ourselves with compiling all the known and rumored information.  Below, you’ll find all the latest gossip and leaks.  Until we hear officially, all of this is subject to change!  For what it’s worth, all the initial rumors are panning out so keep your fingers crossed!

The latest is…

The Back Story …

  • Around the middle of October a writer for TheStreet.com was the first to really get the Google Phone rumors rolling again.  He claimed that Google would be selling a handset directly, bypassing carriers.
  • Google had a meeting on Friday and handed handsets out to everyone.  Twitter helps break the news.
  • Some believe this is the Google Phone news we’ve been waiting for.  Other think it’s just the same thing as last year – nothing more than a gift to employees
  • Nothing has been officially announced.  The closest we have so far is a post from the Google Mobile Blog that says their employees are dogfooding a mobile lab. Said handsets are unlocked and feature new mobile features and capabilities.
  • The Wall Street Journal publishes an article that pretty much confirms the rumors.  The code name ‘Nexus One” is born.
  • A few pictures have identified the handset as “Phone 88”.  Perhaps each phone has a unique model/serial written into it to identify leaks.  Looking back at the first Dragon/Passion images, we were told that the image blacked out parts of the screen because  “…it has a number that I’m told is used to determine who this phone was loaned to.“  Coincidence?  Maybe.
  • The phone looks exactly like the HTC Dragon/Passion except for the missing HTC branding.  Specs include a Snapdragon 1GHz chip, 3.7-inch AMOLED display, and a 5 megapixel camera.
  • Gizmodo’s source from a few weeks back said that we have yet to see the ‘real’ Android.  Based on collected descriptions, the ‘real’ Android might be one designed by Google which has every screen, button, and animated background specifically designed.
  • According to a quick start that comes with the handsets, there is mention of a page for questions at google.com/phone/support. The site is inactive at this time.
  • The phone has been cleared through the FCC with AT&T and T-Mobile bands.
  • Google releases a game for Nexus One owners
  • Google applied for the trademark to Nexus One on December 10th.  Why patent an experimental handset that’s designed to stay internal?

We’ve Also Heard…

We Still Don’t Know

  • When launch is  expected – announcement January 5th should reveal this
  • Will this be directly sold through Google? It appears so.
  • Will “real” Android run as WiFi/VoIP?
  • Will Google Voice be integrated?
  • What do other members of the Open Handset Alliance think of this?  Did they even know about it?  What will their reaction be?

This may have all started back in March when Google decided to open up shop in Taiwan.  Working with HTC would be considerably easier if you were in their own back yard.

Why would a carrier like T-Mobile even want to get involved with Google over this?  It’s simple – their no contract plans are perfect for people who buy them.  T-Mobile never loses a penny in having to subsidize the handset.  And maybe more importantly, they know how big this could be for them.  Why not be the carrier that embraces the move?

We’re going to keep this post at the top of the site for a while as answers and rumors hit the net.  If you know of any answers or have any insight, please let us know. See something incorrect or missing?  Drop us a line.

In terms of the wireless industry, this could be a big of a game changer as any.  Buckle Up!

  • prince of zamunda

    Well this would be the first phone I will consider buying without a keyboard. It kinda sucks but ill be ok I guess…let it have flash as well as a cheap price and ill let everything else surprise me

  • david

    Looking forward to the innovation this brings, if the price is right it will fit with all the family plan G1s…PRICE will be the driver….

  • Danny

    So excited to get rid of my Droid. I'm returning it before my 30 days are up so Verizon can't stone me with that ugly $350 ETF.

    I use T-Mobile as my company uses them here in Los Angeles. Their 3G works great out here and I'm looking forward to HSPA + simultaneous voice and data next year.

    I'm willing to pay up to $400 for this on one of T-Mobile's new contract free EM + plans. I talk very little but I do use a lot of data and text. I'll save at least $60 per month over the comparable Verizon plan I use now. Totally worth it and glad to come back to using a technology based upon a world standard. I miss my SIM cards!

    No more long contracts for me ever again.

    • DroidDev

      Umm…..T-Mobile 3G already supports simultaneous voice and data….no need to wait for HSPA+. Now CDMA on the other hand…..not so much. 🙂

  • Sam

    I'm guessing the on screen keyboard will be tweaked out, as I'm pretty sure everything about the phone from the ground up will be tweaked out, so I'm not too concerned about the lack of a physical keyboard, especially if it makes this thing thin. It's about time that someone has taken the time to take the basic Android o/s and build upon it substantially. HTC Sense is nice, but I have a feeling this will blow it out of the water.

  • NQ Logic

    Google is moving down in the stack to challenge B2C opponents with an open architecture and new sets of standards. In creating a post-revenue business model, Google can only manage success if consumers accept a co-branding and outsourced manufactured device … NQ Logic recommends reading about the rest of the new Google's mobile strategy at http://www.nqlogic.com

  • rich

    So do you think Google made this phone to lead by example? It sounds like they might have gotten a lot right on this phone, and that this might be there way of saying, this what a android phone should be

  • Here's the price: $199 unlocked in stores. $100 rebate online if you have an active and old Google account. That $100 rebate is either to buy it $99 online from Google's online phone store, for using on Android Marketplace or for using on any Google Checkout stores. Can also be used for T-Mobile or AT&T pre-paid Data SIM card service at $29 per month, no contracts required.

    How do I guess those prices?

    1. Manufacturing a 3.7" phones cost close to $100 at the least lower than $150 even with an AMOLED WVGA screen, so it can be sold $199 unlocked without a loss.

    2. Google plans to make a lot of money from mobile ads, so Google can subsidize the phone for Google users who are likely to use Google services even more.

    Google will push full VOIP usage on these, meaning no voice/sms plans needed at any carrier. Voice calls will go through Google Voice on Data SIM cards and will provide unlimited free voice calling. And SMS is replaced by unlimited free Gtalk.

    Finally, Google will provide easy roaming data services in other countries. For example, if you go to Europe, you can roam on HSDPA data networks for the same price of 20€ per month, and if you only stay in Europe for a few days you won't need to pay for the whole month. You may not even need to change the SIM card.

    • Johnny

      You are smoking crack if you think these prices are even close to being right

      • Dolapo

        I really don't know what the price of the phone will be, but I agree with charbax on the free voice and sms. Also Google just bought Gizmo 5 and i think Tmobile is updating to HSPA+ for the purpose of Google using it for just data.

  • Ron Rezendes

    Quote: "UPDATE: According to a quick start that comes with the handsets, there is mention of a page for questions at google.com/phone/support. The site is inactive at this time."

    However, something doesn't seem quite right there so I tried:

    I am currently logged into my Google Account and even though I don't have one of these phones it appears to be support for the phone as if I had an account. See for yourself and check the page source for more details!

  • Joe Cruz

    whoa this is too much to take in right now.

  • The NexusOne is active and downloading apps from the Android Market. My Flurry stats show it: http://bit.ly/6S4gCj

    • I have the same thing. Unfortunately it only shows 4 sessions.

  • The question I ask is ,"Is this the phone that starts displyying the advertisments"? Ready or not folks here they come.

  • So I was watching this HTC sense video about the new Android based os on the HTC website: http://www.htc.com/us/products/hero-sprint. This video made me fall in love with the new HTC hero that is said to come out in November on Verizon Wireless. With all of the amazing new features that make life so much less of a hassle, it got me thinking of one more thing that either Google or HTC should take up. What about a feature that synchronizes your phone and your Xbox 360 and/or PlayStation 3. Notifications for things such as emails, text messages and incoming calls would appear as they do when one of your friends signs in or out of Xbox Live or the PlayStation online. With this, you would be able to take calls while you play your video games via a headset and be able to reply to emails and text messages when you have the chance to, all from your system. Now would that make HTC Sense?

  • paulied1

    One Big Question……if the phone is unlocked and works on T-Mobile ,,will I be able to simply buy one from Google, insert my sim and start using it without ever touching my exsisting plan??? No re-uping, having to tweek my current (old plan) contract??

  • Derek

    How is this going to be a game changer? Hardware-wise its really no better than the Droid. And secondly its only on T-mo, the smallest carrier in the US with the least amount of 3G area. As far as I'm concerned… who cares about this phone? Google shot themselves in the foot by partnering with T-mo. they should have begged for AT&T or Verizon.

  • Anonymous

    Why beg? No-one "owns" the tech for the chips that allow a phone to get on certain networks.

    Simply create a device that can easily be manufactured using any of those chips and sell it outright.

    Allow the user to choose the phone first…and then the network. It's genius.

    I am only hoping that they do make a version of this that supports CDMA and we just haven't heard about it yet. I would love to have one, but DO NOT WANT the verizon ETF…

  • just some dude

    well pricing is leaked 530 unlocked no contract and 180 with two year contract with tmobile

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