Google Executive Hints at Google Voice VOIP in 2010

All of you Google Voice fans better be excited because 2010 is possibly shaping up to be the year Google Voice will become VOIP capable. In an interview with eWeek, Google Executive Bradley Horowitz revealed that Google indeed plans to implement VOIP services in the coming year, thus allowing Google Voice users to use VOIP services with a data connection.

Horowitz had this to say:What we’re trying to do with telephony is give people a seamless experience that frees up their telephony communication from the silos where it’s lived for the last decade. Voicemail, my contacts, all of those things have been segregated from the rest of my Web experience. We have big plans to do a better job.

As someone who uses Google Voice daily, I am extremely excited about this. As always, we will keep you informed when more definitive information comes forward.  Lets hop its true!

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  • I hope this comes to pass. It would be great to have everything meshed nicely together finally.

  • Sue H.

    I hope it can be a seamless shifting back and forth with the phone towers since that is what Tmobile has been doing for several years. This type of service has been the best for living in big cities and places with little tower service. I was hoping that the Google phones worked using both towers and Wifi and was disappointed that the Android phones were not able to do this.

  • Doit2it

    If they would just allow number porting I would finally be happy.

  • just some dude

    yeah number portability to google would be the final nail in the mobile telcos coffin.

    • Karl

      No not really. Carriers might just close the relevant ports at their discretion, and that's that. Orange slammed the door in the UK when start-ups offered SIP over their UMTS, that was back in 2007.
      With that in mind, the correct language in the article would be:
      Google Voice enables VoIP over mobile data connections given that carriers allow it.

  • Google already has Gizmo5 so it will probably be some sort of extension of that project. They are probably doing much needed interface and design tweaks to it as well as better Google Voice integration. I am excited for this one!

    • I concur, and am also in anticipation of it as I use Google Voice daily. I wonder what effects this will have with carrier partners? And what FTC investigation it will bring on.

  • mikkeeeee

    out where i live i have no cell coverage. i have t-mobile UMA and would love for my g-1 to call out over wifi. i would sell my 2 blackberries on ebay in a new york second

  • mieses

    they're very careful to never completely leave the telcos out. don't count on anything revolutionary. this is one area where google treads very very carefully.

  • 94wolf

    Wonder if this is why T-mobile is supposed only allowing a single calling plan for the Nexus One phone?

  • saimin

    Why is Google selling their own cell phone unless there are some truly innovative new features like VOIP for all voice? The phone is not interesting at all at the rumored $80/month full service rate plan.

  • PortMe


  • EasternPA

    A number of us on the Google Voice Help Forum got together and documented the process for using Google Voice as a pure SIP VOIP line. Check out this Google Doc for the step-by-step instructions as well as details on configuring various SIP clients.

  • I'm disappointed that the Nexus One is not going to be a VOIP-only plan with a c. $25 monthly data plan. But moving on, I wonder now about the interaction of a 2 year T-Mobile contract entered into on January 5th with a later in the year announcement by Google that they will allow users to port their numbers to Google Voice. Will such porting not violate the 2 year T-Mobile contract? So is the bottom line that users have a choice between a Nexus One and being later able to port your number to Google Voice?

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  • nice interface and design tweaks..

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