How To: Make Your Own Android Doll

Looking for something to pass the time this New Years weekend?  Once you’re all caught up with AndroidGuys news, you should take a few minutes to make your own Android doll and phone holder!  The process seems simple enough and, depending on what shade of green you get, looks 100% authentic and adorable!

Check out the quick tutorial video below for a simple walkthrough of the process.

If you decide to make one of these, send us a picture!

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  1. foebs
    December 31, 16:45 Reply

    Ah geez… turn those seams inside out and round it out and you will have a proper plush. This looks bad 😉

    • aleis
      December 31, 17:34 Reply

      i concur didnt u guys pay attention in home economics! :)

      • Davest010
        December 31, 18:18 Reply

        Heh…that was my first thought too. I actually made a very similar robot plush in middle-school home ec, and you can be sure that my teacher never would have accepted this sort of work. ; )

        • foebs
          December 31, 20:00 Reply

          public education… damned in preparing me for high level maths, but they teach a mean cross stitch.

  2. Shawn
    January 01, 04:48 Reply

    It would have been better to have some sort of Android Phone in the video. What crap phone is that! Centered in the video and everything…

  3. @FakeGreenDress
    January 02, 21:53 Reply

    I crocheted a stuffed android doll a while back — I'd be happy to provide a tutorial if anyone is interested. is a pic. He's pretty easy to do, I made him up as I went along.

    • laihiu
      January 10, 14:14 Reply

      yes it's basically a 30cm tall green android robot zipper bag, with detachable arms & legs AND is water-resistant. the shell is supposed to be strong and big enough to hold my Nikon D40X with lens on :-) i wrote a blog post for it here:

      cheers :)

  4. SuetiMueti
    July 21, 10:11 Reply

    i want to make a crossstitch android, anyone could sen me a pattern pls?:)

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