Nexus One Rooted Already

Well, the title kind of says it all. The high honor is being claimed by MoDaCo’s founder Paul O’Brien, who reported on a thread back at his site, he had created “Superboot”.

Superboot is a boot.img that when flashed, will root your device the first time you boot

The news was broken by Engadget yesterday afternoon, they included this picture from forum user Stericson as confirmation of the achievement.

Rooted Nexus One

If it weren’t for Paul’s reputation on the mobile space I would say this is totally bogus, especially since Stericson is already saying on his Twitter account that the root hack won’t work on the device once it goes on sale

I hate to kill everyone’s high, But the root that we managed to get on the Nexus root Probably will not work on the shipped phone.

Only time will tell…

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  • I don't get it, the phone is not out yet, and its already rooted, there is a website who sell nexus one cases http:
    what am I missing here?

  • lisandro

    Dont kill me for this questions, but what are the benefit for rooting a phone?

  • Andyroid

    @John, I think someone's trying to dupe people, all the images on that site are of a phone that at first glance I think is the motorola droid. Whatever it is, it's not the Nexus One.

  • Robert

    @lisandro rooting a phone allows you to have superuser admin on the phone, meaning you can install custom rom's , custom apps, apps2sd and so on and so forth and make it really your phone rather than being limted by what google says you can use

  • Droid

    That’s not a droid, and I just finished uninstalling the Android 2.1 OS ported to the Droid. Pretty, but still needs work. Love the live wallpapers

  • Ivan

    It's not a dupe, it's one of the test devices that google gave out. It has an engineering SPL which the shipped device won't have, which is why they're not sure if the root will work on other devices since it uses the SPL to root.

  • wow, it's already rooted?? really?

  • A new root has been developed for the Nexus one that keeps the bootloader locked – essentially keeping your warranty in tact. This is a must see for any user that was previously forced to choose between keeping their warranty and receiving the benefits of rooting their device. You can read more here:

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