Ten Minutes of Nexus One Footage to Tease You

When it comes to showing a Nexus One getting put through the paces,  the following video is the best footage we’ve come across so far.  While it’s not high definition by any means, it’s still better than anything else we’ve suffered through these last few weeks.  The ten minute clip shows the user messing with animated wallpapers (very cool), the camera, gallery, weather (neato), maps, and the browser.  The response  and overall speed of the Nexus One seems to be downright incredible. 

One of these days, they’ll get around to a better music player.  Right guys?

Source: DroidDog

  • MaggieL

    Hey, you know what? Those Kontera links suck. And where *is* "the following video"?

    • MaggieL

      Found the video…have to click through to DroidDog

  • The UI looks super snappy, a few more vids @ http://www.droidforums.net

  • Plenty of unhappy people back at Cupertino…

  • redRoyster

    does anyone know what the news/weather app is?

  • spencer

    Awesoeme! My next phone for sure!

  • Shawn

    The speed of this phone is amazing. No joke, I have never seen a phone zip like that before. Just incredible. Normally, I would require a hardware keyboard.. but this phone is mine!

  • SDsc_rch

    not me

    hw kybd – and sense UI << requirements

    i'm holding out

    ((very impressive phone though – iphone has nothing on this baby!))

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