Engadget gets its very own Nexus One

Three full days before Google’s official event, Engadget managed to get their very own Nexus One.

Besides the obvious bragging, they don’t mention how they got the device which should probably hint at Google distributing a few actual units to the media, before and probably during the launch event.

The good news here is that we’ll FINALLY have plenty of high resolution pictures and video of our favorite device, at least for this three agonizing days before the device becomes available to the general public.

Go ahead an indulge yourself with Engadget’s first impressions article.

  • The barcode on the back gives a URL: http://www.android.com/holidays

    I'm not sure if this was known before but worth posting anyway. So far the link just redirects but keep an eye on it 🙂

  • Isn't $530 a little expensive for the average guy?

    • Not if you consider an unlocked iPhone 3GS goes for $600, and that Sony Erricsson's competitor will be going for nearly $800 unlocked.

      It's actually surprisingly competitive, despite initially seeming like a lot of money.

      • The rumored $530 price for Nexus One is completely ridiculous. It costs $150 to manufacture and Google should not charge consumers for marketing, R&D or whatever if they plan to sell millions of this. Google needs to announce that they will sell it $199 or cheaper unlocked and by invitation-only.

  • A S

    So, what is so special about this handset that Google should sell it by itself? Nothing on Engadget showed anything spectacularly special. Assuming that Google is doing this as a first step to break the tight bond in the US between handset manufacturers and carriers, it still doesn't qualify for a big press conference on Tuesday. Especially when the leaked information so far seems to cover all the highlights of the phone and stolen the thunder out of the press conference… Unless there's something hidden that we have not heard about yet…

    • POI

      well to be honest…the phone itself is pretty much had the word special all around it…u got to understand in the STATE im sorry i have to be specific…a phone with 3.7" OLED screen + 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor + Android 2.1 + just selling by Google…is a pretty big thing i mean just the 1 Ghz snapdragon processor is worth noting…i mean in the STATE is not like u guys get a snapdragon phone release every month…in Europe/asia here…is a different story…releasing something like this might not be as big of a hype as in America…beside u got to give credit to Google…trying to break the manufacturers and carriers bond is a tough job..since all you people in the states are so brain wash by the idea of having $0 dollar or very low price on phone…it is hard suddenly start selling phone only…i mean in Asia…when the phone is separate from the plan you get a lot more freedom in terms of picking the right phone and picking the right plan…yes it is expensive to buy a new phone…but at the same time you get WAY more option then the states…but don't get me wrong i like this phone…but can google please push it out faster…i cant and will not able to sleep for the next 3 days…

    • What is special about Nexus One is that Google is selling it. What is special about it is not the hardware, although it is the best Android hardware, it is more importantly the business models that Google can use to market this device since this is the first time that Google actually can sell hardware directly to consumers.

  • Some people have mentioned the price but the amount of money it takes to produce, ship and market these products is tremendous. It probably is pretty competitive even if it’s expensive.