Hints of WordPress App in the Works

There’s nothing concrete to point to yet, but it appears that WordPress might be working on an official Android application.  What’s the clue?  A subdomain (android.wordress.org)  has been set up on the official WordPress server, indicating an Android version could be in the works. 

It’s hard to say how far out the app might be released, but these next weeks will definitely be a prime time to make an announcement.  The Nexus One buzz is reaching a fevered pitch. The popular blogging tool is already available in Blackberry and iPhone iterations.

  • c0z

    I know some may not even care, but WOOHOOO, this would be FANTASTIC for me, haha.

  • android.wordpress.org has been up for a while, but I noticed something during an Xperia X10 leak video a few weeks back… There was a wordpress app in the phone's app drawer!

    See this post for more details…

  • Like c0z: OMG… Finally! I really hope that this will work out.

    • i hope it can really work out too 🙂

  • TyroPrate

    If it's anything like the WordPress web interface, pass. WPToGo works decently on Android. Now, if Microsoft would make an Android version of LiveWriter, that would be money. I'm holding my breath…

  • can't wait the app 😀