T-Mobile Employee Confirms Nexus One?


As many of you many know, going to the mall during the holiday a season is a drag. The crowds, the annoyances, the Nexus One confirmations? After heading to the mall yesterday in Albany, New York to clear up a few problems with my T-Mobile bill, I  asked a T-Mobile store manager about the upcoming release of the Nexus One phone and the rumors that have  it launching on T-Mobile USA.  He told me me straight out that it is coming to T-Mobile USA one week after Google starts selling them from their website on January 5th, 2010.

I should also note that he told me a Google Representative was in the store last week to discuss details concerning the phone.  While obviously none of this can be verified,  let us hope it is true.

  • NexusNow

    allso talk about prices
    465€ for Europe

  • Jimbo831

    I'll be honest and just say I don't believe this one bit. I am not at all saying the author is lying, but I don't believe the store manager. I think if this information was available widely to the store manager level by now, it would've been leaked to the blogs somewhere. I have seen many occasions where T-Mobile employees like to make stuff up for whatever reason, without any real basis, or maybe he just heard a rumor like this and repeated it as if it was passed down from upper management. I will be the happiest person ever if this is true since I can buy it on EIP from T-Mobile, but I need more evidence to be convinced.

  • Nice!!

  • just some dude

    I just hope they sort out that price for the minutes plan, we need more options.

  • Stephen Tenerowicz


  • Guest

    T-Mo has no 3G in Albany, NY. What a shame. I would get this phone in a second, but no 3G in Albany is the kicker. Shame on T-Mo for that crappy network, its costing them subscribers.

    • Stephen Tenerowicz

      I agree, I live in albany, it sux.

    • webby

      You bet it is and it did — I was with them for a year with a G1, but I left for the Droid, partly for the faster Droid, but also because I couldn't put up with the thin 3G network anymore, even once they got a faster Android phone.

      Even in cities where T-Mo has 3G coverage (including where I live), you would be amazed how quick you can run out of 3G — like sometimes a half block or less off the main thoroughfare and you drop off 3G and onto Edge. This does not happen with my Droid on Verizon 3G.

      We recently drove across the desert from Phoenix to LA (a trip we make frequently), and had 3G coverage almost all the way with the Droid. With the G1 on T-Mobile, I was on Edge service across the desert on that trip. T-Mobile's 3G coverage was just not acceptable for me.

  • James

    No 3G in the NY capital? Yikes. And people complain about AT&T?

  • CheckAgainPlease

    T-Mobile has been turning up 3G in the Albany area a few sites at a time. They were delayed due to having to wait for the past license holder to vacate the radio spectrum. The 3G coverage should continue to improve over the next few weeks.

  • Boy Itlog

    I love T-Mobile! full 3G bars in SF bay area!

  • SparkLingCYaNide

    T-Mobile 3G in Michigan is Fast and Consistent especially compared to ATT's crappy 3G.

  • Bobs Yer Uncle

    I work for T-Mobile and can tell you…this is bogus. We have heard no such thing. We don't have much info yet…not until Monday.

  • your mother

    this is bologne, i think its just a rumor so people dont buy them when they first come out

  • DMAGIC448

    I have T-mobile in STL, MO and the 3G is plentiful & blazing fast! I too ALMOST left Tmobile for the Droid but quickly changed my mind when I relized my bill would increase by $50 & now Im glad I waited. Tmobile helped make Android what it is, so I believe the "creame of the crop" Android device will always be on Tmobile. So talk & surf = FAIL for Verizon

  • Can we use Nexus-One with GSM providers ( in India ) or is it coming paired with connection like AT & T or anything else.

  • ajb1970

    Will G1 owners be encourage to upgrade to the Nexus 1?

    I got my T-Mobile G1 on the first day it became available in the UK which was the same day as the US (1 Nov 08?). I had to sign up for an 18 month contract which was (I think) the only contract available . So by my reckoning I'm not due an upgrade until 1 May.

    Now my G1 has started to get very old – the touchscreen works intermittently, the trackball can be a bit of a bugger at times too, and if I'm unlucky they play up simultaneously.

    So I just thought I'd check if I was due an upgrade and bingo!

    I'm due an upgrade on 30th January. Are loyal G1 customers going to be rewarded with early upgrades to the Nexus 1?

  • Ravi

    if i buy a nexus one without contract in usa can i use it india with gsm providers like Airtel and Vodafone

  • jim

    This bologne word is often confusing. It is sometimes used for a city, malarky, or a sandwich meat.

  • nice man this is cool..

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