Future Smart Phone Buyers Considering Android Over Palm, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry

A new survey from ChangeWave research indicates that future smart phone buyers are considering Android than that of Palm, Windows, and Blackberry.  Only three months ago, Android was last place in terms of consumer preference, tied at 6% with Palm.  Fast forward to today and Android (21%) sits only a few points behind iPhone (27%).

“That change rivals anything that we’ve seen in the last three years of the smartphone market,” said Paul Carton, ChangeWave’s director of research. “This is an indication that Android has finally caught consumer interest,” added Carton.

The survey conducted between December 9-14 also found that Motorola has stepped right back into the consumer spotlight.  The handset maker jumped from an almost non-existent 1% up to 13% in terms of future buying preference.  Whether it be Android, Verizon, or a massive advertising blitz to thank, this marks the first increase for Motorola in a ChangeWave smart phone survey in three years.  HTC has also seen a decent jump in demand as well.  The Droid Eris and Hero (Sprint) have helped to nearly double HTC’s planned buying numbers from 5% to 9%.

As for current Android owners, a large chunk of them are “very satisfied” with their handset.  Coming in right behind iPhone, Android has a 72% Cell Phone Satisfaction rating.  We’d like to think that number will rise as consumers are presented with more choices and better hardware.  To read the full report, head to ChangeWave’s website.

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  • Rene

    Also very cool is that consumers prefer the Android as future operating system. Nice to see the quality of the software making a difference instead of just fashion, advertisement or the latest model of a given manufacturer.

    • Mark

      For the most part, I love my g1 and the hacks I've been able to do which apparently go unnoticed or since android is open source maybe noone really cares. However, Adobe promised and kept promising flash player for the g1 and now they have released flash 10.1 for select android phones only. In my opinion, this is much like a Bill Gates move with his windows os. Place the new stuff just slightly out of reach of the standard consumer so they will have to purchase the new product if they want the goods. Saying the g1s processor can't handle flash is a flat out lie because daaaaa….what about flash memory ability? I think I will just get a windows phone and go back to jail breaking. Atleast that was fun.

  • Rene

    Same numbers different headline: "Android Phone Demand Up 250%, iPhone Down"

    I think the AndroidGuys headline is way better.

  • https://mutiarar06.student.ipb.ac.id Mutia

    yeah! android rocks man..

  • https://muhammadf0628.student.ipb.ac.id farhad

    haha welcome to the future with the androids..

    • http://niningm06.student.ipb.ac.id nining

      yes,, welcome,,, welcome,,,

  • http://arieff06.student.ipb.ac.id arieff

    Also very cool is that consumers prefer the Android as future operating system. Nice to see the quality of the software making a difference instead of just fashion, advertisement or the latest model of a given manufacturer.

  • http://tric06.student.ipb.ac.id utari

    i'll try to use android..i'm so interested

  • http://chairila06.student.ipb.ac.id chai

    i hope the future android can fill our needs

  • http://arifr06.student.ipb.ac.id ardhan

    android of course, i love it

  • http://ericsons06.student.ipb.ac.id/ eric

    i will buy it..
    :)that's great

  • http://ilhama06.student.ipb.ac.id ilham

    android will be the winner

  • http://karimul.makhtidi08.student.ipb.ac.id tedted

    in my opinion, android will be the next popular OS

  • http://ekos06.student.ipb.ac.id Kojeje

    Woww… That would be incredibly smarter future then :)

  • http://karimul.makhtidi08.student.ipb.ac.id tedted

    android is the best

  • http://oki.maulana08.student.ipb.ac.id oky

    i think it'z amazing… android have chance to be a best OS… go android go

  • http://hutomo.triasmoro08.student.ipb.ac.id Momo

    Go… Android.

    Go.. Go.. Android..

  • http://niningm06.student.ipb.ac.id nining

    android a good one,,

  • http://oki.maulana08.student.ipb.ac.id kai

    android is the best… keep fight…

  • http://rifkiaansyah08.student.ipb.ac.id rifky

    that's why i love android so much!!!

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