Nexus One to Include Built-In Version of Spotify?

Spotify, the European music streaming startup which provides on-demand music streaming,  may be closer to reaching an agreement with U.S. record labels for a launch on our soil. TechCrunch has received word that Spotify may launch in the U.S. under a free model; however, it might be made exclusive to a “limited number of people” at launch.

TechCrunch goes on to state they can confirm a conversation between Spotify and Google discussing the possibility of including Spotify’s Android app in Android 2.1 and launching with the Nexus One. Could this “limited number” of people to which TechCrunch refers be Nexus One owners?

Android’s native music player is basic, unrefined and, in this author’s opinion, in need of major improvement. With a pre-installed music service app such as Spotify included in the Nexus One and future 2.1 devices, Android would be given the boost it needs to counter one of the few remaining features the iPhone holds above Android’s head.

Would you rather have an Android device with a polished media player, like Sony’s Mediascape, or a native application providing instant music streaming ? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

  • lisandro

    Can you upload your own music to Spotify?

    • Shane Manning

      It is speculated in the TechCrunch article that Spotify users will also have access to music on their own hard drives. However, there has been no official word from Spotify regarding the possibility of this feature.

  • I would prefer a polished media player… or an "iTunes" Googlised in the cloud, you could sync to but that will hold your selection of songs.

  • Ole

    Not just streaming: I use this (live in Norway) and it is great: Up to three devices can have "offline access" – this means that I can create all manner of playlists based on the spotify catalogue (which is surprisingly well stocked with both major and minor artists both present and past) and then mark these as available for offline access on my HTC magic. They are then downloaded when I have wifi-access and can be listened to anywhere.
    Easier than downloading and organizing mp3s… Impressive.

  • Ofcoarse a media player that plays offline music from Hard Drive…
    reasons being…any time we may go offline…also countries like India have more than a dozen of established languages each with their own music and language specific music lovers…to get an app to render online radio particular for each language is hard…so a majority may love to have offline music collection and music players.

  • The shipping version of the Nexus One ROM does not have spotify in it, so I would say this is HIGHLY doubtful.

  • DMAGIC448

    So if I understand this correctly, I would be "renting" my music library? No thanks!

  • The shipping version of the Nexus One ROM does not have spotify in it, so I would say this is HIGHLY doubtful.