TextPlus Brings Free Text Messaging to Android

TextPlus, an ad-supported application which allows for free text messaging, is now available for free on the Android Market. Initially an App Store offering (the application’s official website has not yet been updated to show Android support), textPlus now allows Android users to send free text messages to anyone from within the application. Users would not be charged for messages nor would they be required to have a message bundle. Recipients of textPlus messages do not  need to have the application, nor an account, and can reply to a short code (60611) attached to the textPlus user address.

Additional benefits of textPlus are free international messaging and the ability to text to multiple people simultaneously, similar to a chat. Android users can sign up for a free account directly from within the application to create a textPlus address.

If any of our readers have used this app, please let us know of your first impressions in the comments. Otherwise, expect an official review to come shortly!

  • "Additional benefits of textPlus are free international messaging"
    So this doesn't mean you can text to cellphones outside the US which is also not possible. Maybe worthwhile adjusting the article.

    • LilAfrica

      I am using this app overseas and its great cause i can text back to the states. it is free international texting if the user is not stateside

    • karen s.

      I ran into this same problem. When I enter an international number, I get a message saying “not a valid U.S. phone number,” and don’t receive any other options. Disappointing.

      • irina

        So this app is free to.download I know that buit is it really free to text unlimited to any number in the US? It won’t charge u at all?

    • Jim

      It’s different than sending a regular text. It is similar to sending an e-mail.

  • You know what else brings free text messaging to Android…. Google Voice.

    • But, can you text to a group of people at once, no matter what phone they're using, and get everyones reply like an email thread or chat? 😉

    • the bahamas

      textplus works form any were in the wlord jus like vonage gv[google voice ] dose not, the wlord is getting smaller so they need to get with it if they want to keep up

  • The app looks great and everything but, when it comes to international text messaging if it has to be over wifi and the other person has to have the app then you may as well use gtalk or msn or any IM.

    • Shane Manning

      My reply to arvidbux contained an error, but could not be edited. TextPlus is currently U.S. only. Users outside the U.S. can text to any U.S. mobile phone number, not only through app-to-app as I previously stated.

      However, sending text messages to non-U.S. phone numbers (those containing more than 10 digits) is currently not supported.

      • Rest assured we're working on adding more carrier support (and features)

  • Although I think the App is a really good idea, there are several out there…the community needs to be careful with how they play with the carriers revenue streams. SMS is a HUGE revenue generator for carriers, and if the devices and their developers start bypassing that revenue stream, the carriers WILL crack down. This should probably be linked to one of the other blogs about the carriers being the downfall of the Android OS…

    • Seth

      This is garbage… Carriers are ripping people off with their SMS pricing. SMS takes almost no bandwidth but they charge outrageous amounts for it. What the carriers need to do is give up on this cheat scheme and charge people for what they really use, bandwidth.

      • Absolutely agree with you about the carriers ripping people off! The point is that they are used to it, and if the platform develops so quickly that they lose that revenue stream they have the ability to kill the product. A balance will need to be struck between the Carriers and the application developers on how much of their revenue is siphoned off. There will be an entirely new cost structure coming as 4G gets here…they are talking about deep packet inspection to start charging based on where you go and what you do…

  • dethduck

    The t-mo android package has unlimited texting so why would i need this?

    • Penny

      T-mo pkg offers unlimited? Wow, nice. Unfortunately, I am with AT&T and they don't offer unlimited with the smartphone basic. I called and asked them if using Yahoo Messenger was free & "nope." Then I found IM Lite app & asked AT&T about that. They referred me to Motorola (maker of my Backflip). Apparently, using IM Lite to message is free (like an email, is what I was told). I guess I will have to verify for every new app since AT&T is so touchy. Other than the texting costs, I really like my service… (And, yeah, I AM going to be checking out TextPlus!)

      • tiga

        Please quit at&t, or else they would keep reeping you off the little money you have left

    • Skipper

      umm you dont… but not every one can say the same.

    • Fari

      They offer unlimitted but you will still be charged for international texting!

  • gad


    Thats bullocks, the carriers are ripping us off. It doesn't cost them a dime to allow text messaging. They are making more than enough profit with or without text messaging.
    I hope more apps like this should be developed.

    • Although I would agree that text messaging is somewhat cheap, it is not free and can cause voice network issues. I would never say not to keep developing, but be prepared for the cost of the quick development. Carriers will not let their profits go down based upon the user community wanting it to, particularly when they are using a tool that the Carrier controls. Carriers will get their money one way or another.

  • hjkhjbku

    can people not in the U.S use this app?

  • DackParis

    I have just loaded it on my G1.
    Off the bat I'm not really impressed. It needs some updates. .
    But for free texting to all my iPhone friends I'll put up with a laggy interface and very few options.
    Can anyonle else get to groups? Or set Notification tones?

    T-Moble G1
    CyanogenMod v4.2.15.1
    Enoch Theme

  • gmk


  • Is it good for Israel ?

    • Raff

      Nothing is good for israel, u guys shouldnt even be there, give palestine back to Palestinians!

      • Wow

        Just to clarify, the Israelis were given a ton of their land, and any attempts they have made to give land back have been met with derision and hate.

  • Francesco


  • Danny Fane

    Hey guys- Just wondering if texts from TextPlus are traceable to the cell phone? I’m talking to this girl on there, but I don’t want her to be able to get my real number!
    Love the app.

  • Danny Fane

    Hey- Just wondering if it was possible to track the phone that the texts from textPlus are comming from?
    Theres this girl that i’m texting on the app, and I dont want her to get my phone number.

    Love the app =)

  • Tim Burns

    the app is really great, lol my phone service has been shut off for about 3 months and was looking for a way to text all my friends, the only downside to this app is that people who cannot download it, cannot respond to my texts on the can recieve them, bummer. Good app thou.

  • jay

    does anyone know if the notification sound will work on this? I’ve tried changing the notification but I didn’t hear it go off! Or do i have to sign up for it to work? thanks!

  • Alex

    My buddy is using an iPhone and he posted some pictures on TextPlus that I wasn’t able to see, but my other buddies are using a Blackberry and an Incredible which were able to see the picture. I’m using a Droid X and can’t see the pictures. Am I doing something wrong or are they going to update the Android version to catch up to the iPhones version?

    • amber

      You are not doing anything wrong…it just hasn’t cought up yet. Although android now dominates the smartphone market, the others have been around longer, and I think it’s going to take the developers time.

  • Yvonne

    It does not support international txting 🙁 good concept though

    • the bahamas

      on the iphone it dose i txt jamica an turks & caicos with on problem with txt plus on iphone an they txt me back cuz txtplus gives you ya owen numba

      • Colin

        Can you try that again…in English?

      • Finney1184

        You can probably send texts to international destinations if you do not need to dial the 011 prefix. Jamaica as well as Turks & Caicos are 10 digit international numbers.

  • amber

    Good, works, but basic: needs to catch up to iPhone…just as ALL apps do…. serious delay in notifications of new messages…

  • Adam

    This app will not text to international numbers. You can text to US and Canadian based numbers from anywhere in the world, but cannot send internationally. The whole reason I downloaded the app. Very disappointed.

    • Textin’ Free

      I text from Atlanta, GA to my girlfriend in Holland just fine (and free).

      Maybe you had a non-ad supported version?

      Sometimes enduring banner ads is worth it.

      • Larissa Campos

         I would like to text my bf in the USA but I’m back here in Brazil. That’s why I’m looking for SMS applications, how can I do it? Does this application works? Does he need to have this application installed on his phone too?

    • Laluna_198

      I am in the UAE and am able to text to Canada without any problems.

    • Euan

      adam – i am also on the lookout for a similar app that allows you to text w/o g3 plan charges but rather via WIFI connection to and from other countries than US or CAN. have you found one yet? (

  • Bob

    I just installed this and did a quick test and it worked great on verizon, samsung fascinate with android 2.1. I decided to try it because my phone txt msg app has been unreliable. Sometimes puts a 1 in front of number usually worked on new txt but when they replied and then I replied to that it looked like it sent but they did not get them.

    Initial test went through immediately, they did not need to install app they received and replied to me with no problem. I have not even signed up for an account yet just chose the use without login option. My current cell phone plan with unlimited text, unlimited data etc is costing more than I am comfortable with for a family plan. If this is more reliable than my other messaging app I will be tempted to can my txt plan and use this instead. Not sure yet what happens if I dont have a msg plan and they try to txt me without using this app.

  • Landry

    Can someone PLEASE tell me if they charge for adding your phone numbers to the account?? it says that if I do add a phone number, I can receive regular texts through it but when I was about to, it said something about have a “texting plan is required”…

    anyone with any news, please tell me!!

  • SG

    This app works great on my Motorola Cliq, and my contacts can receive messages on their cells or iPod/iPhones equally! You can type a phone number directly into the Recipient section or start typing in one of your contacts in your phone book, it will import the data, you type your text message, and send! It’s that simple! Great Job! I Love it! 😉 Thanks ~SG

  • Nami

    I have a android eris but i dont have texting in my plan. I really wanna get it but dont want to play that ridiculous price. Will this allow me to text and not be charged at all?

  • emely

    Hoa como estas

    • Sanfabio

      de puta madre!

  • CY

    Question… Will recipient US be charged international text for responding to a message sent through TextPlus from a US number abroad?

  • alexander

    hello. i have one question. i live in the netherlands, does this mean that it does not work here? or do i have to live in the states?

  • TADA

    Is there a way that I can use this app without using wifi or a data plan for free??

    • Brad

      How else is it going to send a messege?!

  • FuzzyPanda[:

    is it free ? even if you dont have texting ? caause , i really need texting , but i dont know if its free . . and do you need internet to use this ?

  • Normal Person

    i have no local service at home but i do have a router, i downloaded textplus from android market to my sony ericsson xperia mini pro. however, when i followed the setup, and then tried sending a message to one of my contacts, she said she never got it. i thought it was just a misunderstanding, but i tried sending a message to another phone that was near me and had service, nothing happened. textplus says that the message was sent, but the person i sent it to never got it…… what do i do? also, will the person i sent a message to be charged for replying to my textplus message?

    • Sharon

      i know same here! did anyone answer ur question? i hv the same problem too 

  • Glz

    The app is great! But has a lot of foreclosings. please fix….otherwise great!

  • Anonymous

    Check Free SMS: http://refineandroid.doodlekit.com/
    – worldwide;
    – several providers (a huge number of countries and carriers/operators);
    – with replies (for USA/Canada);
    – it’s free for the SMS recipient. Some providers do charge for receiving SMS if the recipient sends a confirmation SMS;
    – history (removable).

    Providers add minor ad block at the end of SMS messages.

  • blah

    can you text phone numbers? or do they also have to have the app?

    • theredrocket

      you can text to real phones, i use it to text my friends

  • Caleb_anderson

    Haven’t tried it yet, but is there a character limit? http://grou.ps/sats is my site, pppllleeeaaasssseee join it!!

  • Harvengure

    It works just fine in Canada. Using it on the Bell network.

    You of course cant text someone from your number using this and have it show up as such on their end but they do get the text. A good app for people using tablets or have a good data plan on their phone.

  • Tealthumb

    I’m using this application to talk to my favorite person in the whole wide world who just happens to live in Australia. I live in the US. There hasn’t been one issue since we started using this app AND it doesn’t suck my battery dry on my android phone.

    • TealThumb

      We use the ad-supported (free) version. The banner ads don’t get in the way at all.

  • LillyShrager

    I just installed it and sent a text to test it. It worked and the text precipitant replied, so no problem here. TestPlus worked. The problem started when I asked another person who didn’t get a text from me to text me and … too bad: the text was received by my verizon text msg service, but not by TextPlus. What can I do to disable verizon text msg-ing or at least to cause TextPlus to get the message?
    Thank you,

  • guest

     I’m sad you can’t make your own phone number, that would be cool!

  • Aubie246

    How can I get people to send me a text to that app instead of my phone. I know when they reply it will send to the app but when I am just sent a text from someone it still goes to my phone. Is it only free when you send a text?

  • does this app even exist anymore? i can’t find it in the store

    • Crazyaboutsnooker

      Did you ever find the app and could you download it?  I have tried and tried but with no success.

  • Tateamy

    Im haveing rublownoading it i had i onmy phe then it got deleatd now icat get the appback? i trd eerything

  • Ffsowa1

    I’ve already download this app but when i began to send messages, nobody receives my messages. Maybe this app only works in the USA and not foreign countries such as Holland..? please can somebody help? i really like this app though…

  • Joulesestigoy

    I need some help, I have the text plus app on my iPod and now I want to get the app for my android but I can’t find the text plus app in the android market, other websites say that it is available in the android market but it doesn’t show up on searh, can I download it form somewhere else?

  • driver

    I used to have TextPlus, really liked it but when I was asked to use the newer version it wouldn’t work anymore.  I have looked everywhere, on the internet and in the app store but cannot re-install now.  I have a Vibrant T959 phone and would really like to get this app back.

    • Bonittoderrick

      it is still on the android market, you have to update your phone to atleast 2.1 firmware.

  • Ancyxx

    Really hopes they fix it on Android and put it back in the market.. :((

    • Bonittoderrick

      it is still on the android market, you have to update your phone to atleast 2.1 firmware.

      • dezier

        how do i update to 2.1 firmware and why when i try to text the send button is grayed out?

  • billy wilder

    can you still use this if your service is off, like can i still use it even if i didnt pay my monthly bills

  • matt

    it doesnt work for numbers that begin in a zero, my area code is 090xxxxxxxx and when i add my number to the app it will display it as 90xxxxxxxx. hopefully they fix it in an update soon

  • Cmayers69

    I am in Korea and just downloaded Textplusint. to my phone.  I have text back to the states.. It seems to be working fine..

  • Gcjyfcjyfcjyc

    your mom

  • Besoscolombianos

    I used it and i really liked it thank you guys because i couldnt seem to find it no matter how hard i looked. its really simple like your own device and is fast as well

  • Imarie964

    I want to send text to Jordan , can i used it?

  • MrDoitRight

    do you have to have wifi to use this app? 

  • Vlynn65

    Can I, txt to the gambia,in africa and receive free incoming txt from the gambia? I’ve just started using this and fear opening my bill when I, get it. Also is there a catch where the person I’m txting also has to have this app in order for it to be frr?

  • Kccobb

    texplus is absolutelly awesome on my Android phone

  • Rosiemidget

    so does it charge the other persons phone that doesnt have the app? cause it said i spent 25 dollars on it when its nt even my app?

  • randi miller

    Do have the same number or a new one?

  • Y00jose

    Can i text to a different country, even though they dnt have the app? Reply plz

  • Evon_egypt

    does it use web plan

  • Mamajlo

    Does anyone know if the numbers you are texting still show up on your bill?

    • Fromundercheeze

      How do you download the app

  • A7xsweeney

    can you reciece pics?

  • Chadf20

    Do the text show up on your regular plan

  • Baianstar

    text plus sometimes sucks i want to text my friend she is in israel please help me

  • Tashabutt

    Can I get did app on lg LG c900

  • Cander79

    What in the heck is happening to the textPlus now?  It has so many advertisements constantly flashing up on the screen every 2 seconds, that it wont even allow me to send my text message????  VERY frustrated with this!!!

  • Reuven

    If you want really to send free SMS over the world and you have Android go to http://bb.im and download blacbocs app and you get send free SMS

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  • angel Sanchez

    I cant remember username

  • shashamaxime

    Can you use this app with wifi? I want to txt through wifi…..please help