December 19, 2014

TextPlus Brings Free Text Messaging to Android

TextPlus, an ad-supported application which allows for free text messaging, is now available for free on the Android Market. Initially an App Store offering (the application’s official website has not yet been updated to show Android support), textPlus now allows Android users to send free text messages to anyone from within the application. Users would not be charged for messages nor would they be required to have a message bundle. Recipients of textPlus messages do not  need to have the application, nor an account, and can reply to a short code (60611) attached to the textPlus user address.

Additional benefits of textPlus are free international messaging and the ability to text to multiple people simultaneously, similar to a chat. Android users can sign up for a free account directly from within the application to create a textPlus address.

If any of our readers have used this app, please let us know of your first impressions in the comments. Otherwise, expect an official review to come shortly!

  • MrDoitRight

    do you have to have wifi to use this app? 

  • Vlynn65

    Can I, txt to the gambia,in africa and receive free incoming txt from the gambia? I’ve just started using this and fear opening my bill when I, get it. Also is there a catch where the person I’m txting also has to have this app in order for it to be frr?

  • Kccobb

    texplus is absolutelly awesome on my Android phone

  • Rosiemidget

    so does it charge the other persons phone that doesnt have the app? cause it said i spent 25 dollars on it when its nt even my app?

  • randi miller

    Do have the same number or a new one?

  • Y00jose

    Can i text to a different country, even though they dnt have the app? Reply plz

  • Evon_egypt

    does it use web plan

  • Mamajlo

    Does anyone know if the numbers you are texting still show up on your bill?

    • Fromundercheeze

      How do you download the app

  • A7xsweeney

    can you reciece pics?

  • Chadf20

    Do the text show up on your regular plan

  • Baianstar

    text plus sometimes sucks i want to text my friend she is in israel please help me

  • Tashabutt

    Can I get did app on lg LG c900

  • Cander79

    What in the heck is happening to the textPlus now?  It has so many advertisements constantly flashing up on the screen every 2 seconds, that it wont even allow me to send my text message????  VERY frustrated with this!!!

  • alok
  • Reuven

    If you want really to send free SMS over the world and you have Android go to and download blacbocs app and you get send free SMS

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  • angel Sanchez

    I cant remember username

  • shashamaxime

    Can you use this app with wifi? I want to txt through wifi…..please help