The Average Android User

Android has become an increasingly active platform over the past year or so and 2010 promises to be its best year yet, but who is using the Android platform? Who is the average Android user? I asked the Android community to complete my short survey and they responded.

So what has the survey shown? The average age of an Android user is 32 ½ with over 50% of responses to my Android User Survey aged 30 or over. Another statistic shows that 94% are male which begs the question, is Android out of reach for female users or do they just hate filling in surveys? 69% of Android users are from the US with 19% from Europe. Perhaps one of the most revealing stats is that 35% are using the G1 but there are already 24% using Droid/Milestone. This shows how quickly good Android devices get taken up. Who knows what the stats will be once the Nexus One gets into people’s hands. The survey also showed that 61% of users buy apps from the Android Market which shows that people are willing to spend money if the app is good enough. The average Android user spends around $5.30 a month on apps.

So the average Android user is 32 ½ years old, male and lives in the US. They buy apps from the market and spend over $5 a month on them. They will probably use the G1 as their main Android device.

So there you have it, now you know what to expect from an Android user. This survey was a great success and I want to thank everyone who completed it. Now the big question is would a more comprehensive survey be of use to anyone? Would it be helpful to know more about the average Android user? Please leave any suggestions or questions.

To see all the stats visit my blog for a more comprehensive breakdown of the survey.

  • Lekky

    Do the results show an Android user profile, or the profile of people who read Android blogs..

    I would think the latter..

    • Well since all the replies were from people who "use Android" and had Android powered devices I think it is safe to say they are "Android Users".

  • Anonymous

    " is Android out of reach for female users or do they just hate filling in surveys? "

    I'd hazard a guess that women just use their Android devices rather than become Owners who obsess enough to read blogs devoted to Android. I base this on my girlfriend who loves gadgets as much as I do, but doesn't spend much time reading about them on the web. She just owns and uses them.

    • Yeah I think it is rare to find a woman who can be as geeked out over gadgets as men are. But as I am sure this site can testify, there are women out there just as obsessed as men can be 😉

    • Matt

      Good point about users who don't read Android blogs. I am curious to know how your girlfriend discovers the apps that she uses.

  • Age factor: Until someone is about 18+ and earning enough money it is difficult to own an android/iPhone tpye device which are pretty useless without a data plan, that is if you don't have a data plan you are better of getting a dumbphone. So, if the starting age is about 18 so I'm not surprised that the average age is so high.

    Gender: Hard to say, but, I have not seen a single female user of android phone.

    What percentage is using the Magic or Hero? I am on the Magic and it is leagues better than the G1, much sleeker and smoother to use.

    I'm using in Singapore, and there are a lot of us Android users here!

    On another note could we have more reviews of apps? There are so many I like to read this blog to find the real gems in the store.

  • I don't clearly agree with these results. I explain my opinion on darren's blog. Below my answer :
    Regarding europe/us, men/women your conclusion is not exact.
    Your stats shows that 69% people visiting your website come from US and use an Android phone. Same thing for men/women…

    It's not correct to write these statics are about Android users. It's own to your website visitors who answer to your survey.

    • Thats true about ALL surveys…agreed it isn't exact but it gives us an idea.

      It also makes sense that more males from the US visit the site.

  • Ratnok

    I think the stat about women is somewhat accurate- I personally have only seen 1 woman own and android phone. I personally recommended that she by a Droid, and she did. I have seen plenty of women own an iPhone and a couple with the Palm Pre (which looks like a “girly” phone to begin with). Every Android owner that I know of or have seen in the last year has been a man.

    I do think the rest of the survey is more a reflection on Androidguys than on Android users. It’s nice to see the attempt, but few women and few non-US Android users would be interested in reading this site and filling out a survey. I’ve seen other stats about Android devices, and the breakdown of G1 being king with Droid catching up fast was the same as this survey.

  • Corey

    The female Android user does exist – I know 3 of them, my wife included! Though as 'Anonymous' theorized above, none of them quite obsess to the point that we do. They love Android and don't want to switch to anything else, but they're happy with what Android does right out of the box.

  • nathan

    the stat about women is most likely correct, but in my area i've seen 5 women between school and just around with G1's/myTouch.

    but about 90% of all women in my area, south florida, are using the iPhone. And as far as men go, almost all of my friends have android phones now. 4 droid's, 2 G1's and 2 Mytouch's. Hopefully i'll be the first with a nexus

  • Ian Mccully

    I think you should put in a more comprehensive survey once android has had a few months in this year as people on cnet were a looking at it last month, so maybe once they have time to add apps and see if they like the phone or not you may get more answers to your comprehensive survey ,

    But as for me i love as i use to own an orange spvc500 always windows phones for me but too hard to get apps as you always had to go to different websites or track down apps in other ways but with the android market you just download on the phone and good for multi tasking while you are sending a text your app is still downloading.

    In addition to this it is open source software which will make it easy for everyone to get hold of apps for your phone.

    I suggest getting layar and waze and this year we will all have contributed something to android which is a good thing imho

    kind Regards

    Ian mccully

  • Thank you all for your comments. With regards to the validity of the results I purposely asked Android users to answer the survey as I wanted to find out who the average Android user was. There is no point asking non-Android users to answer the survey as that wouldn't help one bit. Remember the purpose was to find who uses Android and to get that I have to ask the people who use it. All the data comes from an online form I created and there was more than one source that linked to it including this site, Twitter, Facebook and various other Android forums and sites.
    Like I said I may create a more comprehensive and stricter survey soon to find out habits, fave apps etc. If there are any questions you think would be good to have answered then let me know.

    • I'm not criticising you, but, I never found a link to the survey and I'm an avid follower of this blog. Not sure why 😛

      • No I appreciate your comments and taking the time out to respond. I did post a link on this site in an article here
        I have taken the survey down now but as I have mentioned I tried to get the survey linked by as many different sources as possible not just this site.

  • " …I asked the Android community …"
    I think it should read the "Android community that read this site or my blog".

    It is hard to gauge the whether the trends you found in your survey stack up to a survey that would have been done amongst a representative sample of *all* Android-phone owners (not just the ones reading this site).

    • As I said above there were more sources than this site the main one was actually Twitter using the android hash tag.

  • I'm an android user, and I'm a female. Where was this survey? I would have taken it… but I had no idea it was going on. And I obsess over android… a LOT. It's flippin' awesome.

    I use a G1. I want a Droid or Nexus One, but I'm stuck in a contract so I might as well wait until it's over to get the latest android device. Hopefully with a physical keyboard.

    I probably wouldn't change the age much, I'm 24.

    I'm willing to buy apps, but I don't spend nearly that much on them. I think I have pretty much all the apps I'm ever going to buy, unless something life-changing comes along.

    I love android… so very very much. It's my favorite technology right now.

    • Well thats good to hear. We need more like you. I am sorry you didn't get to answer the survey but I am glad you added your voice to the debate.

  • DavidR

    My wife and daughter both own G1s. They both love their phones

    I do not currently own an Android phone. My contract has been up for a bit but I'm waiting for a Snapdragon (non-underclocked, thanks anyway Sony-Erickson) based phone before I renew.

    • Excellent. Tell your wife and daughter to big-up Android and their phones to more females. Lets raise that percentage and increase the number of female Android users!

  • Michael

    The other day at work a young lady had her MotoCLIQ, and I asked how she felt about it. Her eyes widened and said "If this phone where a man, I'd fuck it."

    I think women like Android just fine.

    • chefgon

      This story just made my day.

  • chefgon

    My wife is in love with her G1 and she brags about it to all of her friends, but I'm pretty sure she's never visited an Android blog online.

  • Most of the devices i have seen have been with women…Two teenage girls at church has G1s….

    and there are apps targeted at them….

  • Most of the devices i have seen have been with women…Two teenage girls at church has G1s….

  • Went to celebrate New Year with our friends. Their daughter (19 y.o.) university student has G1. She's not really aware of "Androidness" of that phone she just likes it and uses it heavily. Personally I think this is the best indicator of platform maturity.

  • Alicia I

    I must have a lot in common with Micah – I’m a 24 year old female who obsesses over Android – reads forums, follows on Twitter, etc. I didn’t see this survey either or I would have participated. My husband is a computer programmer but I am the bigger Android guru in this house!

  • RAchel

    Well this 16 year old female g1 owning (and yes, I bought it myself, unsubsidized. And if I had a data plan, I'd be paying for that too.) person feels unusual.

    I can't remember if I did the survey, but yeah, I obsess over my android device as much as any of you 🙂

  • Well it's good that so many female Android users are introducing themselves here. Sorry if you didn't get a chance to participate in the survey. I am planning a more in depth survey soon if people are happy to complete it, so I will make sure that it gets out to as many people as possible. Thanks for all your comments.

  • AndroidGirl

    I don't know any other women that own an Android phone, let alone read the Android postings. I guess this might be a symptom of what I witnessed during my career in telecommunications. Almost all the women I worked with over the years ended up switching over to the management ladder or to project management even though some of them were very technically savy. Very few of us stayed on the technical ladder. So, I can only guess that these same women might use an Android phone, but aren't interested in creating apps or digging into the details of Android. Also, I was at Google IO in May 2009 and probably only about 15% of the attendees were women. I have an Ion phone from that conference and am currently creating Android apps.

  • rumaiisa

    This certainly helped and a more comprehensive survey would of course be of use too. thanks a lot! 🙂

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