October 1, 2014

AT&T Confirms Android Plans - 5 Handsets in First Half of 2010

AT&T has finally added their name to the list of carriers officially on board with Android.  Coming not a moment too soon, the nation’s 4th largest carrier announced today that five Android-based handsets are coming in the first half of 2010.  Speaking at the 4th annual AT&T Developer Summit in Las Vegas, executives promised phones from HTC, Motorola, and Dell.

The Motorola phone pictured below is all but confirmed as the Backflip, which has been tossed through the rumor mill of late.  The Dell handset will be a variation of the Mini 3 that’s been released in other countries.  And as for the HTC device… the only thing we know at this point is that it will be an “AT&T exclusive”.

If you are interested in keeping up to date, head to AT&T’s dedicated Android page and add your email address.

Any AT&T subscribers out there getting excited over the news?  Anyone gonna hold off for a few more months to switch to “the nation’s fastest 3G network“?

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