Motorola at CES: Flash for Droid, 2.1 for Cliq, Backflip for AT&T?

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha’s press event at CES today lasted less than half an hour but he crammed some fairly big news into that short time. The highlights:

  • The Droid will definitely get an upgrade to include Flash 10.1. No specific timing for the upgrade, but Motorola is actively working with Adobe and optimizing it for the Droid’s chipset.
  • All Moto’s Android devices will be upgraded to 2.1–including the Cliq. His remarks at Google’s Nexus One event yesterday made it sound like only the Droid would get a 2.1 upgrade, with Cliq owners left to languish in 1.5, but Jha cleared that up today. Again, no word on specific timing.
  • And Jha officially announced the Cliq’s weird contortionist cousin, the Backflip, to be released first quarter of this year. Previously known as the Motus, we’d heard last month that it was headed to AT&T, though Jha wouldn’t quite commit to that today.

The Backflip has a unique form factor: when closed, the keyboard sits exposed on the back face of the device. When open, a “Backtrack” touchpad is exposed on the surface behind the screen. Developers will be able to code for the touchpad via an API, which sounds pretty cool until the word “fragmentation” pops into your head. Like the Cliq, it’ll feature Motorola’s custom UI, Motoblur.

An official press release on the Backflip is available on Motorola’s site, and Engadget has photos and video from their hands-on with the device

Source: Engadget

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