Now THAT is a SuperPhone!

Check out the Nexus One that was on display today at the Android event.  Built precisely to scale, the phone is 12 times bigger than an actual Nexus One and features a 1920×1080 46-inch LED-backlit display.

It’s CNC milled to the exact specs of the phones original CAD model multiplied 12 times it’s original size. 46″ LED display screen with HDMI connection to a MAC mini running Windows. 1080 x 1920 HD video played back on Obscura’s proprietary video playback software.  It does not have touch-screen capabilities at this time. – SearchEngineLand
  • Aceman


  • Plinio

    Send this phone it to Burj Dubai owner.

  • huge ass phone lmfao

  • droidin

    Does it have straps on the back so you can carry it?

  • wow…so big huh, how to put in the pocket? haha

  • webby

    the Mr. Magoo fone

  • The WEIRDEST thing about it is that its run by a MAC using WINDOWS! WTF

    Props to Danny Sullivan who took that picture after the press conference as he is a prominent figure in the Internet Marketing space (as well Matt Cutts in the video whos in charge of the Spam team at Google).

    Feedback I got from Danny is that the voice to text is working well as he tested the Nexus One yesterday w Twitter, Facebook, texting, etc.

    ,Michael Martin