October 24, 2014

T-Mobile Completes HSPA 7.2 Network Upgrade

Those of you with an Android phone on T-Mobile will be pleased to know that your 3G connection is slightly quicker as of yesterday, thanks to T-Mobile’s completion of the 7.2 Mbps upgrade. HSPA 7.2 is network technology that allows for quicker data connections (up to 7.2Mbps) in every area that has 3G coverage, and while AT&T’s been setting up the network for some time now, T-Mobile beat them to the punch, flipping the switch on HSPA yesterday morning.

If you think that’s impressive, just wait until T-Mobile completes the HSPA+ upgrade they’ve been working on. HSPA+ is currently the fastest 3G data network speed currently possible, at a whopping 21Mbps. It was tested in Philadelphia earlier this year, and according to T-Mobile, HSPA+ will be launched sometime this year.