T-Mobile Completes HSPA 7.2 Network Upgrade

Those of you with an Android phone on T-Mobile will be pleased to know that your 3G connection is slightly quicker as of yesterday, thanks to T-Mobile‘s completion of the 7.2 Mbps upgrade. HSPA 7.2 is network technology that allows for quicker data connections (up to 7.2Mbps) in every area that has 3G coverage, and while AT&T‘s been setting up the network for some time now, T-Mobile beat them to the punch, flipping the switch on HSPA yesterday morning.

If you think that’s impressive, just wait until T-Mobile completes the HSPA+ upgrade they’ve been working on. HSPA+ is currently the fastest 3G data network speed currently possible, at a whopping 21Mbps. It was tested in Philadelphia earlier this year, and according to T-Mobile, HSPA+ will be launched sometime this year.

  • dethduck

    I think it's premature to say they "completed" the upgrade. My speeds have not changed at all here in massachusetts. From what I'm reading around many different forums it seems there are quite a few areas that have not seen the change yet.


      your phone has to be capable for the speed

  • j.b

    No change in Salt Lake City, either.

  • No change in michigan either. Not that i really care, but it would be nice to see it happen.

  • BigHeat

    It will be interesting to see how long before anyone notices improvements. Both T-Mobile and AT&T had similar announcements, but the only people (from either network) who have reported higher speeds have been in test areas with those higher speeds for some time.

  • Android_Kev

    No change in jacksonville florida either. Actually whats funny was i used to get around 1 Megabit a sec, now only around half a mbit now.

  • Leachpunk

    no change in Cincinnati either.

  • RJ Scott

    No change between Atlanta airport and along I20 to Dallas, GA. It's 3G at ~.95Mbps down and ~.34Mbps up.

  • RJ Scott

    PS- I'm using the speedtest.net app.

  • Dolapo78

    Here in Chicago, I got between 900- 1900kbps down and 300-400kbps up.

  • MarsR

    The speedtest.net app does not work for this test; its test packets are too small. Try using mobilespeedtest.com with packets of 1 or 2MB (run the test 2-3 times.) In Utah, I'm seeing speeds of 2-3Mbps or more.

  • Dave Haynie

    Well, of course, you need a device capable of the higher speeds… plenty of HSPA devices support lower peak limits.

    HSPA+ actually supports 56Mb/s down and 22Mb/s up, per cell, over the same 10MHz (5MHz up, 5MHz down) that has been used for all full HSPA/UMTS links so far. It gets this speed by moving to 4×4 MIMO and 64QAM modulation, which is why, if your hardware doesn't support it, you're still running the old modes.

    And that's kind of ideal. At about half the cell's effective range, you're probably not going to see anything over 14.4Mb/s peak speeds, basically the same as normal HSPA. So if you're far enough away from the cell, you probably don't see any difference. But it could also be that the cell hardware was upgraded, but the client limits were not.

    AND those are speeds for the whole cell. If you're the only one using the cell, and you're close, you could in theory get that 56Mb/s connection. But there's no way any carrier is going to let one device use that much bandwidth. Some of that simply psychology… if you get really, really fast connections some places, you're less accepting of the normal. AT&T, for example, still caps their per-cell speeds at 3.6Mb/s for single-cell towers and 7.2Mb/s for dual-cell towers (the fastest HSPA and HSPA+ installations use two parallel cells, over a total of 20MHz bandwidth.. this is called carrier aggregation).

    But much depends on your phone. And they're not all symmetric. For example, the iPhone 3GS supports the latest 64QAM modulation, and can in theory support the 7.2Mb/s rate from AT&T's best HSPA+ cells today (I have not seen any benchmarks, but it's definitely fast). Maybe it could go even faster, if AT&T permitted… the 7.2Mb/s speed is a provider setting, not a feature of HSPA+.

    But on the uplink, the 3GS doesn't even support HSUPA (the upload protocol that's part of HSPA), they're still supporting only the R99 upload speed of 384kb/s.

  • Alex

    Via mobilespeedtest.com, I'm getting 4718 KBPS in Saint Louis, Missouri.

  • dethduck

    I don't know what's more accurate, according to the mobilespeedtest.com site my speed is now nearly 5Mbp but when i use three different 3g test apps on android; Speedtest.net's app, Xtremelabs Speedtest, and 3gtest. they all say i'm getting about 450kbp-1000kbp. But then again, when out of curiousity i ran mobilespeedtest.com on my cable modem it said i was getting 12738 Kbps or essentially 12Mbp on what should be a 5Mbp pipe, though when downloading I've never really seen my cable modem get more than 1.5Mbp; so i'm inclined to believe that mobilespeedtest.com is not at all accurate.

  • Ron

    I ran mobilespeedtest.com and got 2.2mbps. Speedtest apps from the market all give me between 800 and 1000kbps. Ran mobilespeedtest.com on Comcast and got 13mbps. Then i ran speakeasy.net/speedtest on Comcast and got 15mbps. I've used the speakeasy test for a long time and trust it. Makes me think mobilespeedtest.com is pretty close.

  • gMale

    Soooo… how does T-Mobile 3G speed compare with Verizon? I'm trying to decide whether to hold out for the Nexus One on Verizon, or get the T-Mobile, now.

  • Hmmmm…

    Using the SpeedTest i got around 700Kbps.

    Using mobilespeedtest twice (once with a 1MByte download, the other with a 2MByte download), i got these numbers: 1230Kbps and 2662KBps. The ping was around 400ms both times.

    That's a huge difference between the two of them.

    I'm not 'trusting' mobilespeedtest too much. 🙂

  • James

    T-Mobile 3G will be faster but you will find a lot more Verizon 3G sites in the US. So it depends on where you live and where you travel.

    Many Verizon 3G sites are just barely faster than EDGE. Others are faster but none will touch the top speeds of T-Mobile's HSPA+ sites.

  • jay

    still umts in philly never seen hspa or hspa +

  • and indonesia is always left behind.. haha..

  • Farris

    my phone cant pick up any signal since the upgrade

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