• joe.attaboy

    I've always found it kind of amusing how AT&T and Verizon go at one another about the quality of their 3G networks. None of the rivals ever seems to mention T-Mobile. I work in the DC area and have had great 3G service for some time. I live near Jacksonville, Florida and was stunned late this summer to see 3G on my G1, especially since it was said we wouldn't have it until late in the year.

    This is why I've stuck with them so long. never had any major issues, the customer service has always been top notch and I never drop a call or data connection. One can't ask for much more than that.

  • Ethan

    This is great, its nice to see something that helps ease the pain of T-Mobile’s low network coverage (there’s not a lot of coverage in most of San Diego County). I can’t hardly wait till they make it even faster sometime this year like you said!

  • http://sellyr06.student.ipb.ac.id selly

    ok, thanks info