Fandango Releases Official App for Android

A tip from Jay Neff reveals that, a popular site for checking theatre show times and purchasing tickets, has just announced their official app for Android.

The Fandango Android app allows the user the ability to find the closest theatre using GPS or WiFi and is able to give directions via Google maps. It also allows the user the ability to browse movies, watch trailers, view accurate and up to date show times, read fan ratings and reviews, and purchase tickets at any one of the over 16,000 theaters currently supported.

A few weeks ago, a beta version of Fandango was pushed to the market. This official release should fix some of the bugs associated with the beta release. Fandango is also waiving the service fee for tickets purchased through the Android app from now until March 7, 2010.

  • Uncle

    That is super sweet that they are waiving the fees!

    Finally, someone with a big company like Fandango is giving incentives to Android users!
    This is by far the best column i've read, good work Craig Isakson whoever you are!

  • Trevor

    put the QR code on the review for quick DLs please

  • Craig

    The QR code has been added. Thanks!