Flash Player on the Nexus One

What most smart phone browsers lack is having a Flash Player. The developers at Adobe and members of the Open Screen Project are very close at solving this problem. The Nexus One has become the ideal device to test Flash Player 10.1, with its Snapdragon 1GHz processor. The video below shows Flash on the Nexus One in action.

We seem to be slowly inching towards a full release from Adobe.  Tell us what you think about this.  Are you holding off getting a smartphone because of Flash?  Perhaps you are on the other side of the spectrum.  Do you even care at this point?

  • fathom614

    It’s great to see flash running on th N1. Let’s just hope that Adobe can make it so it doesn’t eat up the CPU on the N1. If they can manage that and we can see our hulu videos with no performance loss with the N1 then I think we could finally have a potential winner here.

  • I only care that so many web designers are insisting on putting things in Flash because it's "cool" rather than useful. Android/iPhone/Pre devices, a not-insignificant source of web activity, are left out in the cold. I don't think Adobe can help but create something bloated and overdone and a pain to use, so I'm not holding out hope that the phone won't crawl to it's knees.

  • Aron

    Nice, but I prefere multi touch over flash.

    • ButcherChop

      wow. im glad the Nexus One has multitouch and now getting flash 10.1 soon. I can do without pinch to zoom. Thats fine with me.

      • ethanas

        Nexus One have multi touch capability but its NOT enabled. You have to hack it to get a laggy multitouch.

        • Isaac

          I just got a nexus one and multitouch works perfect out of the box.

  • K-Boyd

    I love how during the video demonstration, the battery level is in "yellow" status, almost depleted. Easy with the unintended subliminal messages guys.

    But I'm pretty excited about seeing Flash on a phone still, pending that it's not the battery drain I hear it's been. However, lastly, we'll probably start hearing the following from random people's smartphone's while they're browsing with Flash enabled:

    "Congratulations. You've been selected to win a free Nintendo Wii"

  • Destry

    I've had a G1 for a year now and "they've" been demoing Flash every few months saying "we'll have flash out in 3 months". Well it's still not out a year later so I'm not too optimistic.

    I really think that Flash is bloated crap and it's destroying the web. Sure, it's cool when it's not locking up my PC but there's really no need for it most of the time. Maybe if the Android version is less bloated then maybe the snapdragon processor can handle it. I'll never see it on a G1 though.

  • I believe Flash 10.1 supports multi-touch.

    The G1 is way too underpowered to run most things, in barely manages to run Android. The hardware was always under specced. The N1 is the opposite, solid hardware should make for a great experience.

    Adobe must though make performance the top priority, or Flash will become increasingly irrelevant. We develop a lot of Flex components, but avoid it now wherever possible and use JQuery components instead.

    That said, virtually every commercial site uses Flash still, and it is the primary medium for web video and interactive ads. If Adobe doesn't crack the performance issues with Flash and Air, then the whole future of the Flash platform will be in doubt.

  • CatchUpOrLeftBehind

    I own an android device and am waiting patiently for a Flash release. Until it is here no handheld can offer a true web experience considering video accounts for a large part of web surfing.

    Markus is right if Adobe doesn't adapt to the handheld market it will adapt without them and flash will become obsolete. As smartphones become more and more accessible to average mobile users they are changing how much time we spend in front of our home pc's.

  • ari-free

    Flash is today's version of ActiveX except that it isn't tied to Windows/Intel….even WinMo can't handle ActiveX

  • +1 for multi touch over flash. On the web flash often time seems to just be a barrier to content, adding animations, etc. One of the things I like about surfing on my phone is the _lack_ of flash.

  • Ray

    I would much more appreciate a native PDF and Word viewer on my G1. I frankly don't miss Flash at all.

  • At first I was dieing for Flash, mainly to watch stuff on Hulu, play online games, watch nfl games, and other little interactive things….. but now, I am not so excited because there are better and better games coming out for the android, the nfl has made better the watching of (simulated) games, and with tv.com app on the phone, I can watch tv shows I like without flash…. so Adobe, I am sure in the future with even better phones will do us all good, but for now…..

  • The Nexus One is multi-touch enabled, google apps are not. If you download the Dolphin Browser you can enjoy multi-touch.

  • Ziv

    I thought that Nexus will come with Flash 10.1 installed. Now I see that 10.1 is only beta. How can I download it anyway? adobe has no download link?

  • Bif

    Hear those crickets..? its mid April.. still no Flash.

  • yeah nice.. cool..

  • erdinc

    Nasil indirecegim bu zikkimi

  • how i can download adobe flash player through my phone?

  • tony

    Does anyone know why I get a, download flash player message when I try playing zynga poker?