Future of Community (Android) ROM development

Paul O’Brien (Founder of MoDaCo) announced today a new and exiting way to get the MoDaCo Custom ROM. The Hero Kitchen will let you select what you want or not want in your ROM. For example, if you don’t use HTC Footprints, why letting it use space in your memory. In the past, it was possible to remove elements from your ROM, but was through access via command line to your device, operation that could seen as a daunting task for some users.

For now, it would be only for GSM HTC Hero but soon will be available to all the modified ROMs Paul has (or will have) made available to us.

However, there are two conditions require to be able to access this ROM Kitchen. You will need to be a Paid Member of MoDaCo (starting from a bargain price of £9.90 for a year) and have a rooted device.

I have been using Paul’s ROM on my HTC Hero for a while now and I can confirm that the update process is getting easier with added features (like WaveSecure in ROM) and visible performance improvements.

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