Saygus Vphone Runs On Android, Claims it Can Make Video Calls Over CDMA or EDGE

Chances are you’ve never heard of Utah based manufacturer Saygus.  If you’re deeply involved in Android (like us),  you learned about them back in November when leaks of an FCC filing for an Android phone got the buzz rolling about them. Even with that, we know little of the handset.  Well prepare yourself to keep hearing that name, as they get ready to roll out their first handset, the Saygus VPhone (V1).

Saygus VPhone (V1)

In the specs department, it features a 3.5-inch screen, a 624 MHz Marvell processor, and a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash. While the camera may seem standard for most Android handsets lately, the cool feature about this one is that it is a front facing camera.  Using the company’s proprietary video algorithm, it  allows them to transfer video data at 18-22 frames per second over video challenged technologies like CDMA or EDGE.

Unlike HSPA(UMTS), the technology used by AT&T and T-Mobile on their 3G networks, CDMA (Verizon, Sprint) is not natively equipped to allow for video calling.  It’s up to the phone to pack and send that video through the data network. Other technologies like EDGE that predate UMTS are not equipped for video calling either and that’s where Saygus is hoping to make big business.

The first version of the VPhone is for CDMA networks and Saygus is close to signing on with a major carrier, said CEO Chad Sayers, That would likely mean Verizon or Sprint in a month or so. A GSM version (T-Mobile, At&T) is also in the works for the second quarter and will allow video conferencing over EDGE.

Via GizMondo, SFGate

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  1. Jeremy Bumgarner
    January 07, 17:50 Reply

    You would think that a superphone like the Nexus one would have had this, It really would have made Android stand out now.

  2. johnkzin
    January 07, 23:59 Reply

    Make a 4.1" screen version, put the dpad on the face, make it a 5 row keyboard, and put it on T-mobile 3G … that will get my attention (esp. if T-Mobile directly sells it, so I can get it on the 20 month installment plan).

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