Slacker Radio Announces Addition of ABC News

Everyone’s favorite Slacker is at it again.  Slacker Radio announced last night that it is partnering up with ABC News to “provide listeners with updated news from one of the nation’s most trusted sources.”  This is good news for Android users as Slacker launched their app on the Android Market last November.

Users of Slacker Radio will have access to ABC news some time in early 2010.  This ABC news content will be available for all, with free membership users having a trial period to experience the content whereas Slacker Plus subscribers will have full access at launch.

This means that all your ABC News favorites like Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos are going to be available to listen to, giving you news and analysis of breaking issues around the country and the world.  Good Morning America and Nightline are also going to get into the mix with some segments that will be available for users to listen to.

A Slacker Radio Plus subscription can be had for as low as $3.99 a month, and with ABC being added in, it does increase the value of a plus membership.  If you are a newsaholic that likes to have all forms of media hitting you with the latest news, take a look at what Slacker is offering here.

ABC News is even going to allow users to skip segments like they would songs, to allow them to personalize their experience by tailoring what they want to hear about.

This could be seen as a big step forward for Internet based radio, having a major news conglomerate integrate with a service like Slacker shows that people are taking notice that end users LIKE using services like Slacker and Pandora to get their content.

If you have not downloaded the slacker app for your Android phone, here is the barcode, give it a try!

Scan this to download Slacker Radio

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