T-Mobile and ICD Announce First Mobile Connected Tablet for Busy Families

Remember that  Innovative Converged Devices (ICD) Vega we talked about a few months back?  You know, the one with a Tegra chipset inside?   Well, it’s officially on its way to T-Mobile UK for release later this year.  Touted as a “family hub tablet’, the unit is designed with one-touch access to a household calendars, giving families the ability to organize their schedules. The schedule can be accessed anyone, wherever they are, over the web or mobile device. 

The unit comes with a T-Mobile SIM card inside so easy, hands-free calling on-board, it’s easy to make a quick hands-free call at the touch of a button. Other features include WiFi web browsing, on-demand TV, access to social networks, video chat and games, and an FM radio.

T-Mobile UK and ICD are in the final stages of development and expect to have this out later in 2010.   As mentioned before, the ICD Vega tablet is powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 250 mobile web processor and provides full HD 1080p video playback even when undocked from the base.

Visitors to CES are able to get a glimpse of the device.  If you’re in Vegas this week, head over to the T-Mobile UK booth!

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  • Xidroid

    Other than FM radio this sounds just like my Android phone with Gmail calendar. What's the point? Redundancy?

  • http://androidnutz.blogspot.com Jeremy Bumgarner

    I believe the point is … if you have a family…. you wont have to go to the fridge and check or write on the calendar. It is all synced and can be updated on the go with your phone. Did you even read the article Xidroid? Or just look at the picture? There is quite a bit of difference here. I dont think I have to name them really.
    Any word if it will come to Tmob USA? I would get one if it had the right price.

  • johnkzin

    What about the ICD Ultra (7" version) and the 11" version (not yet given a name)?

    What about T-Mobile USA?

    I'm rather interested in the 11" version, if I could use it as a general tablet.