Dell Hearts Android in a Big Way

Dell has certainly entered the Android market with a bang by announcing no less than two new entrants at this year’s CES: the 5″ Dell Streak and the aptly named Mini 3i.  While the 3i looks to be a standard phone handset the Streak could be a tablet sold with or without a carrier.  Rumor pegs AT&T as a carrier being that it does have 3G capability via a GSM SIM.

With their newly formed business unit, the Big D may just be ready for the mobile revolution.  With shades of the Dell Axim still burned into our memories, do you think the new Android devices will face the same fate?  Not likely.  Those devices had no differentiation or any specialness but you say these don’t either, right?  Possibly, but what Dell does very well is commoditize technology and break down pricing barriers for the masses.  Dell will enable anyone who wants an Android device to be able to have one whether it’s sold through a carrier or not.

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