Flash for “Most” Android Devices in 2010?

Flash has been perhaps the most eagerly anticipated feature just outside the grasp of Android users since the release of the G1.  There have been many rumors, conjectures or speculations as to when Flash may actually land on our devices and most have been overly optimistic.  This will be no exception.

However, in the past week we have seen Flash running on the new Nexus One released earlier this week.  Additionally, the Droid has now been shown successfully running Flash as well.  These are definitely steps in the right direction and are hopefully an indication of what is to come over the next year.

According to TechTree.com and their coverage of the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Motorola, a member of the Open Screen Project, indicated that “by the end of 2010, most Android devices would support Flash 10.1.”  While I do not take this to be proof positive, it is an indication that things are moving in the right direction.

There is also an interesting note in an Adobe employee’s blog regarding Flash for mobile devices.  He states that he wouldn’t expect to hear much from CES regarding Flash as the show is mainly highlighting new devices.  However, he goes on to say: “Most of the “small screen” news should hit next month, at Mobile World Congress.” It should be noted that these are just his personal perspectives and not any sort of “official release” from Adobe, but it sounds promising.

  • Hi, I agree, it can be really hard for the rest of us to anticipate just when & where all the moving pieces will end up… it's easy to see that this will be a very important year for new technology, but each manufacturer will make their own announcements on their own schedule. The rest of us will have to be surprised. 😉

    If it's of help, Adobe's explicit mission these days is to connect communicators with their audiences, in a way that supports their ongoing communication. We'll work with anyone and everyone to bring this about. (And from what I've heard informally from Player staff, the relationship with the Android folks is a particularly good one.)

    We'll see what we'll see when we see it, but I agree with you, the future's looking bright.


  • Ethan

    All these other phones are getting special treatments and upgrades so why not the Mytouch? I thought it was supposed to be a pretty special phone. I don't even here that much news about the Mytouch. Why is that?

    My brother (who sells phones as a career) told me that the flash player was coming to Android soon (but he didn't have details) so I would be really disappointed if it didn't come to the Mytouch. I really really REALLY hope that they can get it on the mytouch.

    • MyTouch is a great phone, I hope you still enjoy yours! Just my opinion but the MyTouch and G1 are kind of lumped together as they are fairly similar phones and the G1 gets mentioned more often since it has been around the longest and is kind of the standard to compare new phones to. It's hard to say what updates either phone will get down the road, but they are still great functioning phones (I have a G1). Just rest assured that when your MyTouch is finally on its last leg and it is time to buy a new one, there will be a new latest and greatest phone that will be even better than the Nexus One or Droid.

      As far as when or if Flash is coming to Android and/or the MyTouch, who knows? It has been "soon" for a year or so at least, so just sit tight and enjoy the TV.com app or go to m.NBC.com if you tire of the you tube selections!

      • Ethan

        Thanks for the tip man. I do still enjoy the Mytouch but I just hate seeing all the other Android phone's getting the special treatments with the Mytouch being one of the few that gets left out. Now I'm not saying that the flash player coming to Android isn't cool at all but it's like I just said.

  • James

    "If it's of help, Adobe's explicit mission these days is to connect communicators with their audiences, in a way that supports their ongoing communication."

    Is that a fancy way of saying "we bombard internet users with obnoxious, animated advertising?"

    Want to convince me that Flash isn't just for advertising, provide controls that allow users to blacklist, whitelist and block flash without needing a plug-in. Won't happen though.

    • I agree that Flash advertisements can be a bit much but I think you're wrong to state that obnoxious advertisements are the only use for Flash. Not only that, but advertisers will find a way to reach us on mobile platforms with or without Flash. The significance of having Flash available for mobile browsers is, hopefully, the standardization across different platforms allowing a more complete mobile experience, good and bad.

  • Genaire

    Just to give an example of flash for non-advertising purposes, I recently discoverd lala.com, and was woefully disappointed to find I cannot access my lala playlist without the new flash. Because most of my time is spent with my Droid, my lala account is rendered virtually useless. I cannot even purchase music through lala without out it. Needless to say, I'll be eagerly awaiting the new flash player.

  • Anyone notice how the message for Android phones has changed on the Adobe site for the Flash Player? When I first got my Droid and went to the Flash Site the message was "Flash for your device will be available the first half of 2010" (might be paraphrasing slightly. As of today the message reads "Flash Player not available for your device, Sorry. Adobe Flash Player is not available from Adobe.com for your device's operating system or browser." What gives?

  • I think the whole thing sounds very interesting and will make an exciting addition to the market.


  • nice man.. this is cool..

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