Google Introduces Click-To-Call Mobile Ads

Google recently notified AdWords advertisers that it will display business phone numbers on mobile ads, allowing smartphone users to call the business with a tap.  Advertisers will be charged just as they would if a user clicked through to their website.

As Rob points out at Phandroid, this is a concrete example of how Google will make even more money as mobile web use grows. And, of course, spreading Android far and wide will only grow mobile web use more quickly.

These click-to-call ads on their own may seem a minor detail, but down the road we could see simple features like this combined with location-based and interest-based targeting to create ads that advertisers will pay a real premium for. And the more money Google can make from mobile advertising, the more its in their interest to continue growing the Android platform.

Source: search engine land

  • Ryan

    I'm not sure if this is something different from what Google had already been doing with mobile search on WAP browsers. Being in the search industry, this doesn't seem like anything new and would be a no brainer for Google if they haven't been providing this service on smart devices before.

  • Sean

    This is one of those announcements that make you want to smile and look horrified at the same time, like Zapp Brannigan in that Futurama episode.

  • Google sure is finding new ways to stay ahead of their competition. Amazing!



  • nice feature..

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