Navigon’s MobileNavigator to Hit Android (and Windows) Handsets


Navigon has announced the coming arrival of their MobileNavigator for both Android and Windows based phones. The program originally launched on the iPhone where it is one of the more popular navigation apps. MobileNavigator sports a number of interesting features, including the display of actual road signs on your phone and built in maps for use when there is no cellular coverage.

The Windows Mobile version will launch next week for the discounted price of $69.00, which will jump to the full price of $89.00 on February 14. The Android app will launch at some point in spring for a price that has not been set at this time. Seeing as new Android phones have the built in (and very effective in my opinion) Google Navigator, it will be interesting to see how much lower they drop the price, or if they try to force it into the market at $89.


  1. IMHO Google Maps Navigation has killed any chance of success for apps like this. I own a Navigon GPS unit, and even though it works well, I’d rather just use Google Navigation on my Droid than have to pay $69-$89 for this app. It doesn’t add enough, if any, value beyond Google Navigation.

  2. I agree. Google Navigation is just too good to bother with paying for one. Does it have Streetview or an equivalent? I doubt it. Is it voice controlled? I doubt it. I’m open to anything, but am not willing to pay more for less, and free is… well… free!

  3. Free is a very persuasive price point, though from what i can gather the quality of Google's proprietary map data is pretty awful.

    Should they improve this then it is tricky to see a USP for the paid for apps like Navigon and TomTom.

    Google Nav is only available in the US currently as well, so all other markets are fair game…for now.

  4. With a little hack Google Navigator was used in many places, Europe, Russia… I don't have a link, but it should be easy to find.