Samsung Moment Showcased at CES with Live Mobile DTV Chip

samsung-moment-dtvIn the style of the best Russian hackers, Samsung Mobile basically modded its own “Moment” handset and inserted a mobile DTV chip into it along with some circuitry and an Android app to control it.  The resulting concoction is being served at CES with mixed reviews.

The news was broken by Samsung Mobile US on their twitter account accompanied by a press release and quickly followed by a hands-on video from Engadget.

An excerpt from the press release:

[Samsung] Moment was selected because of its 3.2-inch AMOLED display screen, which delivers crisp colors, bright pictures outdoors, and wide viewing angles.

Unfortunately no launch details for a Mobile DTV version of the Android handset have been announced, but Samsung did confirmed that is rolling a “Consumer Showcase ” of the device, involving Sprint customers in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore markets during the first quarter of 2010.

So what do you think? will this eliminate the need of an Android version of the Sling Player? chime in at the comments section!

Via Phanrdoid, Engadget

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  • McPace

    That's AWESOME! It would be so cool to say here kids, stop crying and watch this, then hand them my phone so they can watch live PBS at the airport, grocery store, anywhere.

  • just some dude

    There goes the battery life

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