Dazzboard 2.0 Launches First Android App Manager With iTunes Music Integration


There are plenty of Android users who feel that that they are missing an “all-in-one” synchronization desktop application to manage photos, videos, music and apps>  You know, something like iTunes but with your data in the cloud a la Google.  Dazzboard 2.0’s software, announced this week, looks to be exactly that.

It is already available in Beta if you want to have a go, for now it will work only with Microsoft Windows with Internet Explorer and Firefox but a MAC OS X is planned. If your computer doesn’t have the requirements, you will be able to use a demo of the interface.

All-new features include:

  • Android application manager: Install applications, Browse applications, Uninstall applications. Note: It is not clear at this stage if this is linked to the official Android Market or another Market.
  • iTunes content connectivity:  Access iTunes music with non-Mac portable devices and access iTunes content from multiple devices. Note: It doesn’t have to work with only Android devices, you can also attached your MP3 players, other phones,…
  • OpenID compatibility: Access Dazzboard with a Google, AOL, Yahoo! or MySpace account.
  • Enhanced media management for PC and Internet services, including cloud storage and social media networks.
  • Easier to Manage Social Services: Browse your media on the social web as if it was on your PC, Faster photos and video transfers across the social web. Note: The demo features FaceBook, Flickr ad YouTube.
  • Dazz me!: Create media links while browsing,  Dazz me! clicks become your Internet media bookmarks, Easily browse media bookmarks in Dazzboard, Get media from any site, including apps, images, music and video.
  • “Dazzboard 2.0 ushers in a new era for portable device universal media management,” commented CEO Tero Salonen. “By opening up our social media webtop to more users and a broader reach for content through OpenID and Dazz Me!, Dazzboard is better than ever at simplifying content management and further utilizing users’ data throughout the social web.”

Let’s hope that this product will deliver on its promises as it could become a great tools for many Android users.


  1. Just spent an hour trying to get this to work, when it does it will be cool but no luck today. Using Windows XP running IE 8. Identifies my computer, but kept saying insert memory card on my HTC Hero (US). I upgraded my HTC sync software, Mounted, unmounted SD card (4GB). Did a format on the card. Nothing helped.

    Looks positive, I'll keep checking back.

    Go to http://www.dazzboard.com directly to prevent the tab from other website.


  2. Ugh, if you want to use iTunes why not just get an iPhone? I thought the only people who actually used iTunes were people who were locked into Apple hardware.

    • Many people use iTunes without an iPhone. Getting an iPhone for access to iTunes shouldn't be the deciding factor in purchasing a phone/plan.

      • I completely agree with Moni. I run Mac OSX so regardless of weather i use an ipod or not I am going to use iTunes for my music. I also previously had a dell and used iTunes it is a much better music player than WMP and i don’t think your software preference should limit a person hardware preference. Plus iPhones are only available through AT&T and the majority of people do not use AT&T.

  3. If your computer doesn’t have the requirements, you will be able to use a demo of the interface. As i know that this is already available in Beta if we want to have a go, as if now it will work only with Microsoft Windows with Internet Explorer and Firefox but a MAC OS X is planned.

  4. Tried it with my Droid today (onWindows XP SP 2 and IE 8). Got msg "Connecting to Droid" and then it hung. Left for it an hour and still in same state. Removed Droid and reattached several times – but did same thing.

    However, it did manage to find 7 of about 300 photos on my droid – and a bunch of music. Another problem is if you play music with the inbuilt music player then it stops if you try to do anything else (eg browse photos). Think this app still has a way to go before being useful.

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  7. Works flawlessly on MAC OSX Snow Leopard running safari! the music manager could be better with playlist integration from iTunes. I had made a playlist just for my phones in iTunes but the playlists do not transfer sadly.