Next Generation Tegra Showcased in Android Tablet


NVIDIA Next Generation TegraAt CES 2010, NVIDIA displayed a 7-inch Android tablet by Compal. This tablet is a concept design featuring NVIDIA’s new, Next Generation Tegra processor. The tablet features Android 2.1, WiFi, a SIM slot, an HDMI-out port and plays full HD video.

Both Engadget and Gizmodo got a hands-on with the device. In both cases the take-away is that the tablet in this early prototype form has some usability issues but excels at playing HD video.

This concept design is less about the tablet than it is about NVIDIA showcasing the possibilities of the Next Generation Tegra chip. Click on through to Engadget for a video of the HD-displaying tablet in action.

Sources: NVIDIA | Engadget | Gizmodo


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