Wanna Tether Your Nexus One?

So you got your Nexus One this week and now you want to tether that new T-Mobile 3G speed.  Is it possible?  Of course it is.  But not without rooting your handset.  The guys over at (where else?) XDA forums have released an “add-ons pack” for rooted Nexus One phones which allows for both wireless and wired (USB) tethering.  Also featured in this custom kernel are Busybox, Nano 2.09, powertop, dropbear. 

Don’t forget kids, taking things like this into your own hands can result in some ugly results.  If you’re not entirely sure you’re ready to do it,  our advice is to wait.  For those of you with rooting/hacking experience, you can head to XDA forums and follow along.

  • @jt

    There are other solutions for Android phones (not sure about the N1 specifically) that don't require you to root, namely PDANet as well as method a little more complicated that uses adb port forwarding and tunneling.

  • PDANet is a good solution, but it isn't free. Upon initial install, you have a 14 day trial period. After that, you have to fork up 20 dollars, I think.

  • stephrodz1

    That's true. It does cost a few bucks after the trial period.
    However, considering the insane fact that Verizon was charging me 50 dollars per month to get an extra 5 gigs on my "unlimited data plan" just for the privelage of getting those gigs via a smartphone /laptop tether, I am happy to pay the the one time fee to POAnet. It works. It's faster than my satellite internet, and for once I don't feel like I am getting reamed by my Cell Carrier.

  • The Nexus One runs on Android 2.1, which will make its way to many other phones, like the Droid, fairly soon. This means that all these great features will be available on some older phones—HTC and Moto for sure—so you may not have to buy all new hardware to take advantage of these capabilities. And take advantage you will.The hack is to inject add-ons pack with a custom kernel, Busybox, Nano 2.09, powertop, dropbear, wireless tethering option, titanium backup and more.

  • I wish there was a solution like Joikuspot on the S60 platform. Being able to turn your phone into a WiFi hotspot is very handy. I would think that is this is possible someone would be working on it in the Android community.

  • zoopster

    @gshocker – it's possible already. There's an app for that. Although, I personally like what is built into Cyanogen's ROM due primarily to the speed factor – it's like having my own personal T1.

  • Blathers

    PDAnet isn’t a fantastic option, as it doesn’t connect in a platform-neutral manner, and requires an app on the computer. This is bad, if you’re in an organisation about to choose smartphones for all of its staff- and quite a lot of those staff are predominately Linux users.

    A lot of them would probably prefer a Nexus One, but would like to Tether. An iPhone is also a pretty bad option, due to the 3.1 firmware breaking the tethering on even official Apple Store unlocked iPhones.

    This will leave the wandering geeks having to use crappy old Series 60 phones, if they want to tether without extra hardware. There’s an S60 app called Joikuspot which makes the phone a Wifi hotspot, or tether other bluetooth, and is quite awesome… even if the current flagship S60 phone (the N97) is unusably broken. Seems like Nokia E series is the best choice for now, until you can tether Android properly again, without needing a poorly-supported jailbreak.

  • Banks

    Hey guys, I see that Google considers you a risky website? I just googled nexus and tethering and when I clciked your link, I got a Google WARNING page. Slick. Good info though and love the site.

  • tony

    I know Nokias come standard with this feature. Just create a dial up connection in windows, install the nokia cable drivers and boom you have tethering without rooting or hacking your phone.

  • Greg


    What is windows