Android App ‘Lookout’ Foils Thieves Plans

Here’s one of those stories that serves as a great endorsement for Android and its applications.  An Oregon man recently had his house broken into and some of his possessions stolen.  Among them was his Motorola Droid.  Unbeknown to the thief, this handset was equipped with an app called Lookout, which routinely backs up user information.   Once the owner logged on to his account, he noticed a couple of pictures that he hadn’t taken.  The images were then downloaded and turned over to the police.  We’re sure you know what happened after that.

Thanks to John Hering for the heads up!

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  • roy

    Journalist used his iPhone to show how it went down… what an insult!

  • I love how the reporter was so eager to show off his iphone 😛

  • was written for just this purpose.

    • thanks! great pice of software.

  • android is going to take over in coming 2 years. In 2015, all mobile applications will need android OS and so will increase the demand of android developers.

  • I’m use android phone, i think this application very useful for security.