CES 2010: Two China Only Android Handsets Demo’ed

Attendees of last week’s CES were able to get some hands on time with two previously rumored handsets from Motorola that are, as of now, heading to China.  Both the Motorola Zeppelin and the Moto MT710 were available for demo, and we have read impressions of both units from attendees.

The Moto MT710 runs on China’s Ophone, a custom skinned version of Android, which according to reports really changes the look and feel of the platform as we know it here in the states.  Reports are saying that the phone is very well made and feels good in the hand.  If you are interested in the specs of the unit, you can read about them here. What is interesting about the unit itself is that it comes with a stylus for input, which means a resistive touch screen was necessary for the unit.  We are hearing the reason for this is that the stylus makes it easier to draw chinese characters.  It is a good looking unit, but I don’t think we would ever see it come stateside, and if for some reason it did, the stylus interaction would stymie the sales.  We are a touch culture in our mobile devices now, we have left the stylus behind.

Now, the Motorola Zeppelin, or XT800 is a handset that CES attendees are very impressed with, and would like to see come to the US.  Read the full specs of the unit here. The XT800 is a pebble shaped device that looks really gorgeous and flowing, with a 3.7 inch touchscreen.  The phone has an HDMI output for watching your content on high def monitors, and is a dual-sim phone.  Dual-sim allows a user to have two sim cards inside one phone, allowing them to use the same phone for business and personal use.  So basically, you can have to separate numbers for the same phone, pretty snazzy, not sure if I would use that function with the advent of Google voice, but it sure does excite the geekiness in me.  The rest of the specs seem pretty standard for a phone of this type, 5mp camera, wifi, 3g, gps, video recording.  One item of note is that it can record 720p HD video, and play that back through the aforementioned HDMI output.

Every person that actually saw this phone and wrote about it said that it is a sweet unit and would be an awesome addition to the Android family here in the states.  Here’s to hoping we will see this kind of awesomeness here in the US someday soon.

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  • anon

    I personally feel that capacitive screens and multi touch are backward steps tech evolution.

    The benefits of stylus input is better accuracy (for Chinese input and typing in general) and less screen smudging.

    As for multi touch, why do something (zoom in and out) with two hands and two fingers that you could do with one hand and one finger.

    And before people say that my second comments negates my first comment (ie stylus input is a two handed operation) you can get around a resistive screen using your finger/nail just fine.

    It's all Apple's fault really. Or "our touch culture's" fault for just following trends.