Lenovo’s LePhone Turns the Sexy Up to 11


We know it’s not headed for the US anytime soon, but that won’t stop us from fawning over it.  Lenovo’s LePhone is one sexy droid.  Maybe it’s the sleek, polished finished.  Maybe it’s the shiny red paint job.  Maybe it’s the keyboard/docking station that can snap on.  Whatever the case is, we’re hooked.  Check out the gallery below to see what Lenovo has done with our favorite mobile operating system.  Without having any actual hands-on experience, we’re pretty confident that this holds its own against the likes of Sense UI and MOTOBLUR.    

Last week saw a couple of reports with various tech sites playing with the phone.  So far, the response has been generally favorable.  We’ve seen more than one person say the device and UI remind them of a Palm Pre, iPhone, and Sense rolled into one.  What’s your impression of the LePhone?

Source: Flickr (Lenovo)


  1. Looks like a very interesting phone, hope it comes to Sprint. Sprint should reach out to companies like this one and get these funky looking phones, has both worlds virtual keyboard and a hard keyboard.
    I wonder why no company in US is jumping on this phone. Hate the US market and FCC.