Nothing Wrong With Google Promoting Nexus One Through Free WiFi

In my travels, I have paid for WiFi a couple of times so I appreciate when I can get access internet for free. When this is the case, I don’t mind getting some ads or having to fill-out a form to briefly share my impressions about the coffee shop I am visiting.  In case you haven’t heard, Google is offering free WiFi in a number of airports (almost) all over the U.S. Not only that, but also in free flight with Virgin America. They also pledged to match donations made via participating WiFi networks, up to a maximum of $250,000. A kind gesture…

Lately, there’s been outrage or disbelief about Google’s intentions because they are using this offer to promote the Nexus One by redirecting to the phone’s page. The nerve of them to advertise one of their own products!  Well, let’s just be clear, Google is not the Red Cross.  They are in business to make money. They make us believe that they give away all of their products and services for free but they have a very profitable business model based on advertising.  We’ve been accepting free things from them for a long time in exchange for advertising.  What’s wrong with this one?

  • Jes

    Amen ta that!

  • level67

    If you don't like the ad, stop using the product. Simple……..

    • Agreed. Also, Google's Ads are not outrageous and glaring. They are very helpful as most ads are related incontext to your activity.

  • I have compiled all materials (Video, news, spec and etc) related to Nexus one for easy reference.

  • Advertising has allowed many things in life to be free…anyone remember the original netzero (back when the zero meant free)…I get so annoyed by people who complain about the cost of things and then complain because an ad was placed so that the service was free to them.

  • It is nice learning this interesting information. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with Google’s promoting nexus one through free wifi. Thanks.