Spring Design’s Alex eReader Coming to Borders

Borders Group and Spring Design have come to an “agreement in principle” for Borders to sell the Android based Alex eReader. The Alex eReader will feature Borders’ upcoming eBook store. Borders announced back in December that they were in a partnership with Kobo, Inc and would be developing an eBook store powered by Kobo.

Kobo’s business mantra is “Any book on any device” and Borders has embraced that mantra.  Kobo sells eBooks in the ePub format. While Borders’ new eBook store will feature the Alex eReader, customers should be able to read Borders’ eBooks on any device the supports the ePub format. Kobo currently offers eReader software for both PC and Mac as well as smartphone apps for Android, Palm Pre, BlackBerry, and iPhone.

Source: PRNewswire

  • this is AWESOME! i had serious Nook craving, but haven't been the biggest B&N fan – Borders is my STORE! can't wait to hear release date / pricing!

  • Ken Fricka

    I am going to wait for the Apple product release before buying any of the eReaders now on the market.

  • Jonh Smith

    In regards to the Apple iTablet… it’s going to be too far away from what the point of the e-reader is – reading books. While the Alex is certainly more advanced then most e-readers it at least sticks with having the e-ink display, which is crucial in a full time reading device.

    The iTablet will not utilize e-ink, but a more traditional LCD / OLED screen, which as anyone who sits in front of a computer screen all day know’s is not great for long time viewing. End of the day the iTablet is not on my radar, but the Alex might just do what is needed.

  • hazydave

    If their policy is really "any book on any device", that's a big, big step forward. ePub can help here, but it's not guaranteed, since the DRM is a plug-in. The "standard" ePub DRM is from Adobe, and supported at least on most ePub-compatible devices. The nook supposedly supports this, but from what they said, the eBooks sold by B&N are using a proprietary variation of the Adobe DRM. So you can only read them on the nook or a few B&N parter readers.

    Of course, better still would be no DRM, but that's not likely. I'm actually not all that concerned about DRM per se. What bothers me is that many companies are trying to use DRM to change the meaning of "book". I should be able to lend or re-sell my "book", and read it anywhere (eg, on any reader) I choose. I am not asking to be able to load it on more than one device at a time… I just want something that fits the model of "book" I'm currently happy with. I don't want to give up those rights just to go electronic. And don't intende to buy an eBook reader until they deal with this.

    At present, the universal reader is here already: the PC. Every eBook format is supported on the PC. Close second are smart devices, iPhone primarily, but most are moving to Android phones (tablets, eReaders, etc) as an option. So it's quite possible the best eReader may turn out to not actually be an eReader at all. This doesn't stop the proprietary book problem, though.

  • Wow, this is going to have to really compete with the nook. I think I'm going to go with the nook. Seriously, does every device you own have to browse the web?

  • JAY

    I think that the nook is going to have to compete with this since it obviously has more futures then the nook and has almost full usage of the android operating system and not as limited as the nook. Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking on the nook, its great by all means but I am always for extra features or getting the most bang for my buck.

  • Kathy D

    All these ebooks are doomed. The Alex is one year too late. When the new Apple tablet comes out, no one will even remember these ebook readers.

  • Mark S

    Well, the iPad came and it doesn't have e-ink, or flash video, or multitasking. All it is is a large version of the iphone with iwork and a book store. I have no doubt that the Alex reader along with Amazon and the others are not going anywhere soon. Apple had the chance to flush them all out but it didn't deliver.

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