Samsung Galaxy Spica Android Phone to Launch in US

It looks like we have another Android phone joining the mix here in the US. Samsung is adding another Android phone to its lineup and has announced  the Galaxy Spica.  To many, the Galaxy Spica may sound familiar, because it’s not exactly a new phone; it was launched overseas last year.  The version to launch in the US is going to be a a revamped version of the Galaxy, Samsung’s first android device.

The Galaxy Spica, redesigned for the U.S. market, sports a 3.2-inch HVGA display, an 800-MHz processor  and a 3-megapixel camera. The Galaxy Spica will sport the vanilla Android 1.5 user interface, which might be a good thing if you’re not a fan of Samsung’s sometimes confusing TouchWiz 3D user interface. Samsung also has some other features that will appeal to multimedia junkies, including native DivX support, a standard 3.5-mm headphone jack, and access to all of the Android music and video apps. At this point we do not have any announcements regarding carrier or a price, but when we do we will let you know.

Source: PC World

  • The question is when we arrive in Europe. Why all the launches in America first and then come to Europe.

  • ggoldfingerd

    Samsung needs to wake up. They are still releasing phones with Android 1.5, come on. Some users won't mind this, but once they get into Android and learn of this, they won't be happy.

  • If this phone comes in at a low end price point I would guess that users looking in that range of phones may not even know that there are different versions. Your average user who walks into the store looking for a phone would not know the difference between 1.5, 1.6 or even 2.0. People who read this site I would expect are looking at the higher end devices and thus wanting to get the latest (or at least that an upgrade path to) Android OS out there.

  • jeff

    I don't understand why manufactures wouldn't want to be able to advertise free turn by turn navagation as a feature …all it takes is at least putting 1.6 on the the phone

    if this is to create some sort of artificial low end android phone (it doesn't cost any more to put 1.6 on the phone) then i can understand i guess …but i think google needs to make some sort of effort to let people know that this is outdated software…no one complains that their windows 95 pc is not able to run crysis …or that there netbook is not as full featured as their desktop…there needs to be some sort of change in perspective

  • Ratnok

    @piese auto- Europe already has it. It’s called the Samsung Galaxy. This phone is just catch up for the US. Besides, the US is a larger market than any individual country in Europe and has only one language.

    Android 1.5 (with the old, stale Android Market) doesn’t have Navigation support and is a deal breaker. What are they thinking?? Many developers are moving on, so a lot of the apps will no longer be compatible by the time it launches. Another deal breaker is that it needs the same 8GBs of memory that the Galaxy provides. All Android phones are mocked because of the low memory and game designers need more storage space. that would be the ONLY reason to buy the phone. The Samsung Behold 2 has not only that crappy cube garbage screwing up Android, but also the low memory that all of the other phones have.

  • isnt the tmobile plan without contract the “even more plus”. you buy the phone out right and pay less monthly and should be $60 a month. thats what they normally do. but thats with 500 minutes. whoever did the cost of ownership is an idiot. it should be the most expensive plan with it subsidized, and the least expensive without the subsidy.

  • I've bought Galaxy Spica at December of 2009 (I live in Russia, and Spica was announced here at the end of the November). I would say, it's amazing phone and Samsung support confirmed we would see upgrade to Andorid 2.0 at the of Feb of 2010

  • surfy

    Galaxy Spica will get Android 2.0 for sure. Samsung placed a full page ad on the newspaper here in Singapore on 24 Jan 2010, stating clearly that this phone is "Upgradeable to Android 2.0". I've taken a shot of the newspaper ad here so Samsung is not going to run away with this. 😉

  • Great Article! waiting for you next update 🙂

  • Thanks for information
    New galaxy spica Eclair (2.1)

  • yeah love spica.. just bought it and i love it..