Canadian Dream Owners Get Free Magics, No Joke!

Some Strings Attached…

It’s true, Rogers has officially announced that all Canadian HTC Dream owners can upgrade to the HTC Magic free of charge. For background information on this story, please go here and here. The catch is that you must resign your 3-year contract as of the day you order your Magic. This resigning is just like any regular upgrade through Rogers, meaning your old contract is void and the new one is 3 years from the day you order the Magic. For those who still don’t understand (I know you’re still confused because I worked in the wireless business for a while), this means your contract will be extended the number of months since you signed for the Dream. If you payed full price for your Dream, then you will need to sign a contract to get the Magic, sorry.

This comes as great news because if you are willing to sign for the couple extra months(7 or less) then not only do you get a free Magic, you also get to keep your Dream. Yes it’s not a joke, you get 2 Android phones… you could switch them up like outfits! There are two ways to get the Magic which are either by telephone(1-888-Rogers1) or online from MyAccount at The offer will NOT be available in stores. I personally have already put in my order for my Magic and I would have to suggest the online method, not only for Rogers CS’s sakes, but it is extremely easy and your account has already been flagged for the promotion.

The offer is only valid from January 12 – January 26, 2010. So be quick to get your order in if you would like to take advantage of the offer. I would also point out that it is not mandatory that Canadian Dream owners get the Magic if you are already satisfied with your device and it’s functionality. Now I cannot promote and tell you about this offer without  thanking the efforts of IWMOPS (IWantMyOnePointSix) and Michael Schmidt(IWMOPS Spokesperson). It is the IWMOPS group that put in the time and effort to come to this resolve so that HTC Dream owners would not have endure the rest of their phones lifetime with outdated Android 1.5(Cupcake) software. So once again thank you to them and if you would like to give them your own thanks, Michael Schmidt the spokesperson can be reached on Twitter @IWMOPS.

For full official details and the press release from Rogers please visit:


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  1. Androidawg
    January 13, 15:25 Reply

    What a drag for those Rogers customers who upgraded from a Dream to a Magic over the summer.

  2. @MatthewPatience
    January 13, 17:02 Reply

    It just feels so awkward writing it, it was 2009 for an entire year!

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