Europe’s HTC Hero to Get Android 2.1 Mid-February?

We just received an email from our friends at who are advising that all HTC Hero units in Europe will see an upgrade to Android 2.1 starting February 15th.  They’re claiming their source for this comes from the top at HTC Poland.  We’ve been hearing rumors of HTC skipping Android 1.6 to jump into the 2.0/2.1 playing field soon. With Android 2.1 just being released yesterday, the news of 2.1 surprises us.  If it were 2.0 or 2.01, we’d feel better.

On a side note, they’ve been informed that the HTC Tattoo will not make the cut due to its hardware limitations.  We’ve listed the changes below that are being reported.  Have any you guys heard anything to confirm this?

  • Android 2.1 is much faster
  • One interesting option is a preview of desktops, you can zoom out two Finders as pages in your browser. Effect. Effectively reduce the deskop, brillant view.
  • Icons have clear coat (Espresso perhaps?)
  • At the bottom of the menu we have: phone, menu, contacts
  • HTC added a nice transition when you quit the application and move around the options.
  • Lock screen is not rounded.
  • Faster-running HTC keyboard.
  • New widgets from HTC (News and Weather, YouTube)
  • Improved flashplayer. Operates smoothly.
  • Graphic change in the gallery and video player (Cosmetic procedures)
  • And the rest of the news, which introduces a new android. (Market etc.)
  • We have more RAM.  About 130-140mb after killing the process. “
  • commodoor

    Just one month away, damn

  • Herowner

    Release it NOW!! :-]

  • cyruscode

    Hope telus hero version will get that soon too! 😀

  • One long month away 🙂

  • "With Android 2.1 just being released yesterday, the news of 2.1 surprises us. If it were 2.0 or 2.01, we’d feel better."

    The Nexus One runs Android 2.1. The Nexus One is made by HTC. Therefore, HTC has had access to 2.1 long enough to already bring one phone to market, so there's no reason to doubt this rumor (at least based on when 2.1 was released).

    Remember, 2.1 was "released" to the public this week, but it has existed for a long time. Google gives select partners access to new versions before they give it to others.

  • Sokar

    "Icons have clear coat (Espresso perhaps?)" I will seriously refuse to update if they try to make my phone look like a damn iphone.

    • FrDrTh

      Well, too bad for you then, when counting in all the improvements as well as how much better the Hero is, some GUI resemblance is a small price to pay :)[polldaddy 2541378 polldaddy]

    • Agree. See this:

      They maybe want to step towards the "iPhone" mood. I wish this gui is fake or goes to other mobile. 1.5 gui for Hero is beautiful. They uses the glossy effects with taste.

      I maybe won't update, to.

  • So this means that Sense UI is ready for 2.1. This timing also coincides with Sprint's release of an update of the Sprint Nav app for the Hero. Could this mean that the Sprint version will get it around the same time? Hope so.

  • David

    Can we expect OBEX/Bluetooth to work with this release? I think providing an operating system for any hand-held that doesn't speak BT is really short-sighted.

  • S G

    Not for tattoo? That seems wrong. Tattoo and Hero have exactly same ram/processor, only the screen size is small.

  • Jussi

    Why would anyone believe this?

  • blt

    unconfirmed rumor from reeeeealy lame site….
    one way or another, wish it would be finally true 😉

  • blt

    unconfirmed rumor from reeeeaaly lame site…
    one way or another, wish it will be finally true 🙂

  • Hugo

    what about my HTC magic ?

  • Davy

    I second Hugo. What about my magic.

  • bebik

    Its fake news. Some random guy said that he is a employe HTC Poland and that was ONLY post a guy! He is not a worker of HTC. So this is bullshit…

  • Amber

    This information is not an official statement of HTC Poland. They were only formulated on the basis of expression of one of the employees HTC in ours forum. !!!!OMG So its fake!!!

  • Zombiefly

    this does tally with what htc have been saying over twitter. they said "early 2010" in Nov/December. I'm sick of waiting to be honest, it's taken the shine off Android, being left in the dark while they're busy releasing new hardware left right and centre.

  • It isn't bullshit. I'm a user this site, and forum – this page has the biggest authority in ours country. They will never be confused.

    As for the employee HTC. I know administrator and he told me that in him opinion, this guy really works there. We have a seat HTC in Warsaw – his IP is from this city. There are several factors that speak behind him.

  • I hope the update to Android 2.1 will come to the T-Mobile G2, which is a HTC Hero in black colour, too.

  • pelic4n

    did anyone notice that sprint is releasing an update to their nav software/app in feb as well. could this mean that CDMA Hero users in the US might be getting 2.1 soon?!?!?!?

  • Stefan

    HTC may have got some update just about done, but I can tell you that an Android *2.0* image for the Hero won't be on carriers in Europe til at least week 11, which is mid-March.

  • Release it NOW!! :-]

  • Dubya

    THIS IS SUCH BS!!! What the hell is wrong with HTC, not releasing 2.1???? I say F8ck them, I may get an iphone when I upgrade. At least Apple stays true to what they promise.

  • bradley

    Hi, I have a htc hero and am trying to get this new update onto it to improve the phone.
    But I dont have a clue.. I'm not bad with phones and have been looking around and am trying to find the update.
    currently running:
    Firmware version: 1.5
    software version: 1.0.0.A6288
    build number: CL#69351 release keys

    Email me please 🙂 [email protected]

    • zombiefly

      i'm not sure it is out. A chinese build is, which has since been taken and improved on more than HTC will, if they ever bother to release an official.

      I never use carrier/stock roms anyway as there's always better from the community.
      You could try villainROM here:

      Its stable and very very good. based on the official 2.1 GSM hero
      Personally I use superhero as it has most of the HTC bloat removed apart from the important bits. Depends what you want really…

  • boyan

    got it….secon part….J recived the first part on junt 19th , and secon today…exelent…update did not erased any data on the phone , and J still got my phonebook , messeges that J have sent and recived….J'm from Serbia …

  • waiting for the release.. nice..

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  • Bruce y

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