Mplayit: “‘How Many Apps?’ is Wrong Question

I show my G1 off to a lot of people.  I love to wow them with cool apps like Google Sky Map, Plink Art, and Shop Savy.  Invariably the question comes up, “How many apps are there for that phone?”  Thanks to Apple’s marketing efforts, consumers have been brainwashed into thinking quantity trumps quality.  Fortunately, we have people in places like Mplayit who are doing their part to show that the number of apps means nothing to casual users.

“‘How many apps?’ is the wrong question,” said Michael Powers, CEO and founder of Mplayit.  “People just want to get the job done. It doesn’t matter if there are 50 different to-do list apps on iPhone, because Android or BlackBerry just need a couple of good ones to make consumers happy.”

I couldn’t agree more.  There are already a ton of “crapplications” in the Android Market that I just skip over as I look for better titles.  I couldn’t imagine having to cut through 4-5 times the volume.  Android apps are getting better all the time, adding more features and polish to them.  I’m very satisfied with where we are today in terms of apps, especially as many of the popular iPhone titles get ported over.  Often these apps pick up additional features thanks to Android’s capabilities.

Does anyone really see the Android Market limited in terms of selection?  Leave a comment below!

  • I certainly do because of the fact that paid apps still aren't available outside the US! A lot of good apps are free, but I would kill to have a pro version of an app like twidroid. When is google going to fix this?

    • You might be able to get the pro version of Twidroid by contacting the developers. They're good guys and I'm sure will find another way for you to purchase. I believe the have an activation key system in place within the free version.

    • Thomo

      Dude, just download MarketEnabler from google code. It sends a fake provider code to the market servers so allows you to choose from the market in any number of countries.
      I am in Australia with officially no paid apps, but have bought apps from the US/German/UK markets quite successfully.

  • Guest

    How ironic that when you go to the Mplayit facebook it proudly displays "Search Over 100,000 apps"

  • Thanks for the pick up. I thought you guys might like to see the graphic we created to showcase what apps are popular on each platform we cover.

    As an FYI, we do showcase the entire app store from each of the platforms we support (iPhone, Android and BlackBerry) which is why you can search 100,000s of apps. We aren't saying that choice is bad, merely that when you break down the activity on our platform, we see that all the popular categories are covered regardless of what device platform you chose.

    Craig from Mplayit.

    • SiI

      Can you seperate out "skin" apps for various other apps (e.g. better keyboard)… these properly annoy me.

      • bikeridercpa

        I agree. It is frustrating.

  • Jay

    android is limited in the camera apps department. iphone has tons of quality camera apps like tilt shift generator and old camera while android has 2 or 3 ok ones. nowhere as good quality as iphone. i hope this changes.

    • ari-free

      Camera ZOOM FX is a pretty solid camera app

      • Jay

        i have camera zoom fx, i would call it decent, not solid. it's feature heavy but only a couple of them are of good quality. also, the user interface is not elegant, not inviting. i use camera fx & picsay pro as well.

        • John

          Camera ZOOM FX is amazing – ui works perfect, better features than iphone cams for sure!

  • More and more I realsed that I am only using an handful number of apps and most are the stock Android apps (Gmail, Google Maps,…).
    Only few of the ones I've installed I am using more than once a day: Handcent, Dolphin Browser, Swift and Aldiko.
    So yes, I don't think we really need as many apps as they have on iPhone. Better quality than quality… we have still room from improvement on quality of a lot of apps.

    • Keith

      My wife still uses the original iPhone and honestly has 7 apps installed 5 from the app store a 2 from Cydia. Facebook, WeatherChannel, Solitaire, Tic Tac Toe (for my nieces), and some falling cow game (for me). From Cydia she has Winterboard and LockCalendar (she had Caterpillar/Kate originally but I like LockCal better now…if fact the only reason she didn't return the phone was me jailbreaking it and add this functionality…what's the point of a calendar if you have to work to find you appointments)

  • Derek

    Have to agree. I had the Droid for the VZW 30 day trial period and was astounded by the extremely poor quality of the apps and games. Obviously the professionally written apps like shazam, docs to go, etc, were up to snuff. But the majority of the rest were craptastic and made me laugh. Also the polish was non existent. It make me feel like I was running them on windows 3.1 or something, they looked horrible. I think most of that comes from people writing them in java, instead of a native language, like obj C for iphone SDK.

  • I could not agree more. I've been shouting this for some time. The Apple marketplace is saturated with crap. There is a lot of crap in the android marketplace too. But absolutely: Quality over Quantity.

  • In terms of apps, android is really lacking in nicely polished 3D games and many apps are lacking polish in general!! Take a look a this… Beautiful. I've triiiiiieeed to play speedforge on my Magic but (at least on cyanogen) it is slooooow and all but unplayable. Open GL ES how do you say…. sucks? on the early android models (G1, magic, etc. the ones with ~500mhz processors)

    I haven't had the chance to play with a droid or nexus one, but android could really use the performance boost. That, coupled with the exposure android's been getting could really jump start the app market into something more polished, diverse and respectable — and really stand up to apple (for real)

    • Superlinkx

      Actually I have the Hero and it only has slightly more memory than the magic/myTouch and it plays speedforge great. Better than my iPod plays crash bandicoot. It could be your rom slowing it down.

  • Mahogany1

    I like all the diversity of the app market, but what I do not like is that alot of them are "crapplications" I wish that Android screened them sort of and then made them available. I feel as though I am always updating and not knowing why. For the most part the apps are pretty good.

  • Remember that while many countries do not have access to the Market outside the US, there are also many other ways to get these apps. There are alternative markets and one can also contact the developer directly. When people contact me for my app I will either sell it to them directly or point them to an alternative market. Remember, the iPhone isn't even available in many of the countries where Android is. So to say that every app in the Android Market isn't available everywhere is not a fair comparison.

    While I think there are some tremendous apps in the Android Market and I do not think that quantity in any way means anything, the Android Market has a lot of problems. There are plenty of articles concerning problems that developers, including myself, have with the Market so I won't list them here. But then again, nothing's perfect. I love Android, its devices, apps and just about everything else about it.

  • John

    Give it time there will be better apps – ask again in 6 months

  • Mike

    I agree that quality is important, but more important is how much the application can help me. Most of the top applications in the iPhone app market are gimmicky toys – SkeeBall, Doodle Jump, The Moron Test, Glow Doodle, Trenches, Bejeweled…these are all games and distractions. I think the market on the iPhone is merely there to boost consumption and people are so drawn into the phone and being on it that they just download and play with anything. You won't see, nor would you have ever seen, Steve Jobs downloading or using Doodle Jump and yet he's created a product that's turning people into consumer zombies. So I'd prefer an application market that focuses on applications that give me information simply and easily. Most of what's included on the Droid does that. The Google features (Gmail, calendar, maps, easy to use browser, youtube) all give me what I need out of the box.