Google Giving $100 Back to Customers Ineligible for Full Discount on Nexus One

Score one for good public relations.  Google, after hearing the complaints from those of you who shelled out $379 for a Nexus One, has decided to shave a hundred dollars off the cost.  And to make sure you early adopters aren’t feeling bitter, they’re refunding $100 to you via your Google Checkout account.  Starting tomorrow (January 15th), those of you who have already paid the $379, you will see refunds show up.  Going forward, the price will be $279 for all partial discount customers.  See, they do listen.

Remember kids, the whole “Google way” of doing things is an experiment and will evolve over time.  Don’t be surprised if the system looks nothing like this a year from now.  Consider yourselves beta testers.

Source: TmoNews

  • What about those of us who had to pay $529 because it didn't give us any kind of upgrade path at all, even though 3 different CSRs at T-Mobile told us that we SHOULD be getting an upgrade of some sort, and then HTC also confirmed that we should be getting the upgrade and said that they would "work on it" but never called us back, forcing us to pay the real full price?

  • @Robert,

    no one forced you, you chose to be an early adopter, and pay the full price. You have a nice phone, there you have it.

    • Matt

      And you are clueless. He's complaining, because if you are out of your contract on T-Mobile, you're as eligible for an upgrade as someone who has never been a T-Mobile customer. At least that's how it works with every single other T-Mobile phone.

      But with the N1, you only get the discount if you've never been on T-Mobile before. No T-Mobile customers are at all eligible for an upgrade. That makes no sense.

      This has nothing to do with earl adopters, Brandon. Good job.

  • cw1

    Same thing with me. Contract was up for 14 months but I got an engraved phone so couldn't return it.

  • I bit the bullet and paid the 530, tell you what… im glad i did. It feels great to have a great phone and NO CONTRACT to worry about!

    I only have 2 credit cards that I use and one of them had no balance on it so i decided to put it on that one and I'm gonna make the phone off in 4 months. It's like my own mini install payment plan and thank god I dont have to pay interest on it for 1 year, all good 🙂

  • eYe

    You’re are the role model, that’s what everyone should have done instead of pissing and moaning. I personally was all about doing the same thing but… work has been a little slow and I racked up a little more debt that I thought I would over the last few months and I just couldn’t bring myself up to putting more debt onto my cards. Comes tax return time – I’m getting N1 in the same manner you did…. that’s unless something else comes out by then.

  • juan

    G1 users don't qualify unless they signed a 1 year contract. None of us have had our G1 for 2 years. Through tmobile we qualify for a partial discount if we are 11 months into a 2 year contract. However google isn't honoring this.

  • google