MacLife Magazine Reviews the ‘Droid.

Being a person who drank the kool aid that Apple is selling, I am a lover of Mac computers.  One of the publications that I receive at home regularly is MacLife, a rag dedicated to, you guessed, all things Mac.  I opened the February issue and was intrigued to find that the staff of MacLife had dedicated a section to a review of the Verizon Droid.

I was intrigued because a major Mac publication was giving an Android device some precious page space.  Not to mention the time to reviewing a product that has nothing to do with the focus of their publication.

The review itself, which may not surprise you, said the Verizon Droid was not that great of a handset.  I beg to differ of course, but what less can we expect from a publication that is lock, stock and barrel for the iPhone?  Not much more.

Why is this important for the Android Army?  Because it shows that Apple fanboys are taking notice that Android is becoming something that people are choosing to use instead of the iPhone.  It shows that Android is a real threat now, and the industry as a whole is waking up.

If you have opportunity, check the review out in the latest edition of MacLife.  Have a good chuckle at the criticisms of the Droid, then smile because it sounds so much like Apple fanboy’s barking at something they fear just a bit.

  • Okay…

    #1: They list Android 2.0 as a plus, not a minus. Their criticisms of the marketplace seem a bit overwrought, but it's no worse than slinging the word "fanboy" around.

    #2: Almost all of the criticisms are, and rightfully so, directed at the hardware itself, which having played with a droid (for more than the two minutes this reviewer probably did) aren't that far off. He certainly isn't the only one who isn't thrilled with the camera and the keyboard. Motorola definitely was trying for something with this design, they just failed at it. That's not a knock on Android, it's a knock on Motorola. Hell, ask Leo Laporte who's done nothing but praise the Droid to high heaven, but he's dinged it for the keyboard and camera multiple times.

    It isn't iPhone fandom that made this review, and it actually seemed pretty balanced. The Droid is far from perfect, and it deserves to be criticized for its shortcomings, most of which are in the category of mediocre hardware, not the Android OS itself.

    Incidentally, before you warm up that fanboy label and prepare to stick it to me, I have a Nexus One, a phone I ordered 2 minutes after it was announced, and one that I've already sold my iPhone 3GS for; just so you're aware of my lineage.

    • well said Vinny. Tone down the fanboy accusations, leave it to fanboys to spew it around, not you android guys. Keep it classy 🙂

  • I used to be a hard core Apple fanboy, but their business practices, which I won't go into here, have led me away, along with other OS's that have become really solid in the past few years, and now I'm platform agnostic, though I am typing this on a Mac Mini. I've never had anything, but a passing interest in the iPhone, but just love Android. I installed it on my Sprint HTC Touch and it ran amazingly well, with a few glitches because it was not even close to officially supported on that phone.

    My friends that have Droids love them, one is a hardcore Mac user and the other Windows.

    Regarding the word "fanboy", is it like the "n word" in that one fanboy can apply it to others? Platform devotion, whether with computers, video game consoles, or phones, is about the closest thing I've seen in my life to religious devotion. In many instances "fanboy" is incredibly accurate, I should know, I used to be one. 😉

  • dommafia

    hey vinny, great reply.

  • Chopper

    Vinny, you are a fanboy.

  • Ratnok

    It’s funny how “fanboy” is somehow deemed to be more insulting for “fan”, which is just shorthand for “fanatic.”

    “Fanatic” meaning: marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion.

    So in that light, let’s just call them “fans.”

  • If you browse any of the Android forums, there are a lot more iPhone converts than you think.

    And I think more of the problems with the Droid are software related and not hardware.

    But I guess part of the fun for me is the fact that the Droid is not perfect. But the OS and app market are completely open, so we can come up with our own solutions. Can't do that with and iPhone. It's fun to fix something and really contribute to making something better…

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