Motorola: Multi-Touch on “Majority of Devices Going Forward”

One of the first things to be pointed out about the Nexus One was its lack of multi-touch.  In fact, the same could be said of the Motorola Droid.  While we settle for double tapping and zoom buttons, our friends around the world are enjoying pinching and pulling.  According to Motorola CEO, Sajnay Jha, they’ll be doing their part to bring multi-touch to more handsets.

I think you will see us deliver multitouch in the majority of our devices going forward. There’s a complex set of factors, not all of them technical. But I think you’ll see us being proactive on multitouch because the user feedback on multitouch is very good.

Wonder what the “complex set of factors” are if they are not technical.  Sounds political.

We’re curious to find out just how important multi-touch is to you.  Is it an “about time” deal for you or is it more “that’s cool, but not necessary” type thing?  Leave a comment below!

Source: Androinica

  • I believe it is definitely a must have. I can care less about pinch and zoom crap. We need it for the games.

  • Arron

    What about for the existing devices? Early adopters shouldn't be left out in the cold. Leaves a very bad taste (particularly if the response is "you'll get it the next time you upgrade")

    • Maxbender

      Same old saw…

  • man OS

    Multi-touch is nothing when you have multi-task… but you see is soooo cool to be dump and to process one thing at a time…. I think we should pose the question to the funboys how important is multi-task for them… so they can live with their multi-touch and the rest of us we can live with multitasking…

    To conclude no important at all… on the contrary this kind of questions and discussions just enhance the hype of multi-touch…

    So let's talk about multi-task

  • Matthew

    I believe the complex set of factors they are talking about may be Apple's patents on multi-touch technology, including what seems to be a large number of defensive patterns. From the Inquirer, "Patent 7,479,949 gives Apple credit for 'detecting one or more finger contacts with the touch screen display'." It seems kind of dumb that such a blatantly apparent thing, such as using multiple fingers on a touch screen can be patented. It seems to be quite a broad patent, while I have not obviously read the whole patent.

  • Miguel

    I thought Engadget researched the issue of Apple holding a patent and discovered there was no such specific patent?

    I suspect that Apple threatened to remove Google's apps from the iPhone and App Store if Google used multi-touch i Android's native apps. Why else would 3rd party apps be able to use multi-touch if Apple had a patent. HTC is a huge company and they are clearly offering multi-touch in the Sense interface.

  • Matthew

    That makes sense, since it does seem to only be a problem with google using it in their native apps. Although I guess the agreement didn't work out so well, since the google voice app was removed, but that could have been a decision on AT&T's part, since I imagine that would have taken up a lot of bandwidth.

    Perhaps Engadget did research the patent and find that it doesn't exist. I would hope it doesn't, as from my readings online it seems like Apple holds a lot of overly broad, defensive patents. Not that I can really blame them for wanting to patent their IP, it just seems like some of them take it too far to be counter competition. Just my opinion though.

  • robcomet1

    I was under the impression that the motodroid is multitouch enabled, just that Google apps don't support it. For instance, the dolphin browser on android is enabled for multitouch. This is a simple software fix I believe. Aside from that, I don't really care about multitouch that much. If we get it cool, if not whatever. I mostly wish we had it so the iPhone snobs would shut up about it. 🙂

    • mike

      I use multi touch all the time on Droid. Dolphin or picsay pro are coded to use it.

  • Nate

    I own a G1, Cliq and now a Nexus One. I have never thought about multi-touch nor felt like I wanted it for the past 15 months. It's just not an issue for me at all. And I don't understand the fuss.

  • cj87

    Multi touch is enabled on all capastitative (crap spelling) screens. Like the Droid. Apple owns the rights, for now. Blame them.

  • Matt

    Multi touch is in the Nexus One hardware, but google apps don't use it. check out the app PicSay, it has pinch zoom. Not possible without the hardware!

  • jimfin69

    Android 2.0 does support multitouch – people need to stop conflating the concepts of multi-touch and pinch-zoom. They are very different.

    • Miguel

      It's the same thing. You need multi-touch to incorporate "pinch & zoom". That is the only real draw of multi-touch in the first place, is that it allows pinch and zoom to be used. Plus it may make the keyboard a bit more natural to use and games more user-friendly.

  • I'm glad this will be coming sometime, but I still don't see why it's SUCH a must-have. All over the net people are saying they won't get a Droid or are going to return one because there is no multi-touch.

    I would think solving the handsfree bluetooth issue would be a little more important….