New Ping Feature in waze Due Shortly

The good folks over at waze don’t like to stand still very long.  Today we received word that a new version of waze, the free, social mapping software, should be going live later today or tomorrow.  So what’s new in the app?

Like practically all mobile app updates, this version includes new performance fixes, improved responsiveness and lower memory use.   The main, new feature in waze is called “ping a wazer” which gives users the ability to send pings directly through waze to other users.  The opt-in service allows other waze ping you and check on weather conditions, road hazards, or just to say, “hello”.  Oh, you can ping others without setting yourself up for pings.

If you’ve already installed waze you’re advised to keep an eye out for the update.  If you don’t have waze yet, we’re advising you check it out!

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