SK Telecom to Rely Heavily on Android for Smartphones, Too

SK Telecom Co., the largest carrier in South Korea’s (by revenue) has announced that they are planning to sell over 2 million smartphones this year with the bulk of them running Android.  The carrier, speaking today at a press conference, said they expect 15 smartphones this year and 25 in 2013 with Android accounting for around 40% of them.

“While focusing on the Android operating system, (SK Telecom) will also adopt various kinds of mobile platforms and will help proliferate the usage of smartphones and wireless Internet,” Ha Sung-min, president of SK Telecom’s mobile network operator department.

SK Telecom, like many carriers, is seeing the importance of handsets that rely more heavily on data features.  And why not?  It’s a cash cow just getting started.  Cash veal?  On a side note, SKT’s biggest rival, Korea Telecom, has been selling the iPhone since November.  So far, they’ve reported around 240,000 units sold.  Will an army of Android handsets overtake Korea or will the iPhone reign supreme?

Source: The Korea Times

  • I think this could be a good idea if it can be turned off. Maybe lower the price of the iPhone? lol

  • Good luck getting good Android games in the Korean market. SK Telecom's offer for game developers is horrible and unfair.

    They are offering to pay devs a one time, nominal license fee for a game. Once paid, SK Telecom localized, prices and sells the game in the Korean market and takes 100% of the download revenue (no recurring revenue for the developer). Moreover, the developer has no control over the game in the local market from that point forward.

    What developer in his or her right mind would take that crappy deal? Sounds like a big time scam by a big Korean monopoly to me.

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