T-Mobile to Slash Prices on Android Handsets


More great news for you potential T-Mobile customers and those of you eligible for full upgrades.  Starting tomorrow, T-Mobile is slated to slash prices on many of their handsets, including most of the Android-based phones.  Thanks to another TmoNews tipster, we’ve learned the new prices should be as follows:

  • Motorola Cliq $149.99 2 year contract. No mail-in-rebates
  • Samsung Behold 2 $149.99 2 year contract. No mail-in-rebates
  • T-Mobile G1 $99.99 2 year contract. No mail-in-rebates
  • Fender Limited Edition Mytouch $179.99 2 year contract. No mail-in-rebates.

The “regular” myTouch 3G isn’t mentioned so we’ll assume it will stay at the current price point of $149.99 with a 2 year agreement.  If you listen to our podcasts, you’ll know we like to poke a little fun at the Behold II for its high cost.  Perhaps dropping down to $150 will help move a few units.  Nice work T-Mobile – Keep it coming!


    • 1.6, no BLUR, and as JustAPhoneUser mentioned, keyboard. Not all customers are techies like the majority of the people on sites like these…

    • The G1 is still a great phone…providing you with an option to type on a physica or onscreen keyboar. 99 bucks is a deal for a g1 especially if you root an mod your phone…..the modded roms available for rooted phones are amazing…..just look up cyanogen roms…you wont regret it…. i love my G1!!!!

  1. Contrary to popular belief, a great deal of us like the option of a physical keyboard ALONG with having a touchscreen option. From what I understand, neither the Nexus or the Droid have a keyboard (save the touch). Furthermore, once your G1 is rooted, you can upload the same ROMS from any of the other Android phones and run it as though you ARE using that phone.. All the Android phones run on the same OS so the biggest difference is the shell and maybe a lil more RAM.. but agin, root your phone and everything runs of thee SD Card anyways.. I love my G1 and many others still do too! 😉

  2. I hope to see the nexus one sold at the t-mobile store with one of these discounts… Although I must applaud Google for going down in price for the nexus one! Seems like these phones are now becoming more reasonable…

  3. Hopefully they are dropping prices to clear out the stock for some new phones. I'd like to get something equivalent to the Nexus One but with SenseUI/Multitouch, a proper subsidized price policy, carrier support, etc.