“High End Luxury Automobile Company” Seeks Android Developers and QA Testers

Consider this post part job opportunity, part speculation.  We received an email just a short while ago from someone representing a “high end luxury automobile company in Palo Alto” looking for Android developers and Java experience.  We immediately went to Wikipedia to hunt down which auto-maker this might be and found one likely candidate sitting there – BMW.

Now, we weren’t able to confirm which company it was, but we imagine if there was anyone else to even consider, it would have been on the list.  Either way, it’s a great opportunity, regardless of company!  So, about that job listing…

My client is a high end luxury automobile company in Palo Alto and this position is within their R&D group. They are looking to pay up to $35 per hour. Please let me know if you or anyone you know may be interested. Feel free to contact me at 408-367-6782 or email me directly at [email protected].

They are looking for candidate with 0-2 years of experience who have experience with Java. They would love to have someone who uses Android on their own time but if they only get Java then they are fine with that. They would also love to see someone who may have J-unit test and/or frameworks experience.

There you have it!  If you fit the bill, you’re advised to contact Mr. Muneet Grewal at Aerotek.  Not that he’s necessarily asking for it, but I’d recommend having a resume handy!

  • $35/h? Is economy this bad?

    • Actually – to my point. It baffles me that "luxury automobile company" or any other company want to hire a junior programmer for very little money to get into this sort of development. Good chance that they will never get anything build or it will be crappy. Why? Why not hire someone with more experience or even a team of experienced guys?

    • buddha

      we dont know the whole scoop… but if they are really only paying 35 bucks an hour then that is quite sad…

    • keith

      35/h is pretty good. It is probably a temp/contractor job so it is good for a young fresh out of college kid who has java and android xp to get their feet in the door.

  • Matthew

    Admittedly this is a "high end" automobile company, but I'm not sure what's so bad about $35 an hour. That's about 70,000$ per year if you multiply by 2 and add 3 zeroes, a common way to estimate annual salary from hourly wages. For having 0-2 years experience, 70,000$ per year seems like a pretty good deal to me.

    • chris

      70k in Palo Alto is borderline poverty. 35/h isn't bad, in other cities, but in Silly Valley, it's insulting.

    • I think the point I'm making is that this would be a news if "luxury car company" would hire team of experts. One kiddo fresh out of college – what kind of "news" is that?

  • It would be scary to drive a car powered by a software, that was created by junior developer… Imagine you get "Application Not Responding" error while trying to make a turn!

  • $35 is little money, if you're contracting.

    I think it's a contracting job, because they post the earnings in hours, not a yearly salary.

    From this $35 you have to deduct all your operating expenses, taxes, (health) insurances, etc. and then deduct taxes as well. Your take-home money is not that great…

    Unless it is $35 dollars *and* benefits… ((health) insurance, unemployment insurance, employer paid taxes, etc).

  • ojiisan

    Well, yes $35/hr is surprisingly low.

    But thanks to the Android Guys, they will probably get away with is. Why? Because with all the free advertising they just gave the company, the company will be flooded with applicants who don’t know better, who think $35/hr is enough.

    Somehow, the thought of driving in such a care reminds me of the early astronauts commenting that it always made them nervous knowing they were sitting on a rocket full of explosives, a rocket made by the lowest bidder!

  • Seriously? A post about a car company looking to explore Android to the tune of at least $70K a year is a bad thing? How much would the annual salary have to be to make it OK?

  • If it was the amount of money equal to $70K for a *salaried* (not an hourly) employee, then it would be a decent salary!

    But, we don't know the details of the offer. It may include (some) benefits. 🙂
    But still good to see that a car company is looking into it.

  • Karl

    Probably a scammer fishing for resumes. I checked over at bmwusa.com to see if there were "Android" related jobs posted. I couldn't find anything.
    Another aspect – looking at the contractor track, I would find it hard to believe BMW would be willing to shell out a going rate of $100+/h for a decent developer just to have the "recruiter" shark 50% plus. Pretty ludicrous, the work morale would presumably be commensurate. Not sure about the rest of y'all – last time when I worked on a contract basis (happened to be a BMW supplier in CA, although I worked in another area), I requested $70/h and got that.

  • I think everyone is missing the point that a silicon valley car company, most likely Tesla – who has already embraced Android – is expanding android development is a great thing, i didn't read deep but 35/hr as a employee is about right in this economy, but as a sub contractor would be horrendous..