Maintenance Update for Sprint’s Samsung Moment

Sprint just announced through their twitter account, and their support forum, that they have released a Maintenance Update for their Samsung Moment handset.

Pleased to announce Maintenance Release CL14 is now available for the Samsung Moment. Details here – – Sprint via twitter

If you’re like me and you’re already hitting the update button on your phone like a maniac, you’ll be disappointed to find out two things. First, this is NOT the Android 2.1 updated promised by Sprint last month; and second, this update is only currently available by visiting a Sprint retail location with a Repair Center.

But don’t despair.  Sprint says that “The ability to download the update directly on your Moment will be available in the near future”.   That’s good news for those of you who don’t enjoy long lines on Fridays with people paying their cell phone bills.  Before you hop in your car and run to nearest Sprint store, here’s the complete list of goodies contained in the update:

  • Network Assist GPS to allow indoor location fix
  • Updates to several third-party apps, including Visual Voicemail, NFL, NASCAR and Sprint TV
  • Change to Emergency Dial on lock screen
  • Hard reset available in recovery mode: remove and reinsert battery; press volume down, send and end keys until reboot option pops up; scroll to wipe data/factory reset; press OK
  • Various improvements to battery life
  • Jackie

    No fix for the "airplane mode" problem? Come on Sprint!!

  • Josh

    I'm excited for this update, but really can't wait until the 2.1 update comes! Hopefully it's going to be soon!!

  • John Tu

    Don't get too excited, i went to an authorized sprint repair shop today and they spent an hour and half trying to just get the firmware installed and after waiting they finally told me they couldn't get the update from the sprint website. I wasted my lunch time and had to pay for parking as a result.

  • I'm just back from the store and everything worked great!

    I knew the update would wipe the phone, so I backed everything up and then headed to the store, I arrived 10 minutes before my appointment, the store was packed, but they took care of my phone right away.
    They were very pleased to find I had backed up my contacts and told me it shouldn't take long, I left my phone and went to grab a bite and when I came back, about an hour later, the phone was ready and working great!
    I'll try to post some of the changes I have noticed with the phone, but the service at the Sprint store was great and my Samsung Moment is rocking the latest version, is great that Sprint rolled this out fast at least for us geeks that couldn't wait.

    My recommendation: Call in advance and make and appointment, or if you're sure of a store that's already updating (like Overland Park, KS) you can schedule your appointment online!

  • sparkyva

    Some Sprint repair centers don't have the software necessary to install the update. I went to one located near me and was told that the nearest place for me to get the update was about 3 hours away.

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  • Dirk

    My local (Gainesville, Fl) Sprint repair center was un able to do the update. They had no clue how to do it.

  • Will

    I went to the Repair center if Wilmington NC and they were aware of the update but was unable to do it… they said it would be probally 2 weeks or so before they could…

  • Big John

    sprint and samsung, what the hell kind of relationship do they have? They carry Samsung phones, but instinct, instinct s30, and instinct hd, are marked down to give away prices. Bust buy has the hd for 79.00 when you renew your 2 yr contract. The Samgsung moment looks like a good phone on paper, but I am sure that either Samsung or Sprint will screw it up like the instinct .Also you go into a Sprint store, and the HTC hero is the flavor of the month. At my sprint store, they don't even recomend the Palm Pre either. They say its junk. I would say Sprint employes just don't have a clue, and samsung needs to get there head out of there you know what.

  • fivestar33*

    I had my phone a week and I love it! I`m stilling learning about the new features.. One thing I don`t like is the battery life could be longer… I will be going to the sprint store to update my phone…

  • Update FAILS on Windows 7 32-bit on Lenovo T400. Freezes at "0% 2sec…" with error message in status bar "??????????? %A???????????????"

    Unfortunately both of these are hard to google since Google discards special characters like % and ?, so this is going to be a very tough error message for other users to track down.

    Update succeeded using same instructions on Windows XP SP3 32-bit.

    Signs of failure:
    On Win7 32-bit, once "Start Software Download" is clicked, phone screen flashes twice and progress bar does not increase while 0% remains and time expired counts 0, 1, 2. Update software then freezes with status bar message as below. Left software to finish updating for over 3 hours on 2 attempts – update software never progressed and phone was inoperable.

    On WinXP, at the 2sec mark the phone flashes twice, but the update software continues within a couple seconds – anything longer than this pause is a sign of Samsung's update software failing and bricking your phone.

    It's very unfortunate Samsung's software doesn't at least provide a log for such a critical operation, nor a link or even email address to technical support in the update app.

    It also doesn't make clear that the warning on the phone "DO NOT TURN OFF TARGET DEVICE" can be safely ignored as a normal part of the update process. (You pull the battery, put it in, start it in update mode, plug-in USB, and receive the warning on the phone; at that point the update software instructs you to turn off the phone, which you can safely do.)

    You can debrick your phone by running the update again on a supported OS like Windows XP.

  • Lucas

    I am a tech at a Sprint store in KS, and they finally released the update on FutureDial/SNRMS. It gives you step by step instructions. I updated my Moment in under 10 minutes with no issues at all.

  • Jeremy

    I updated my phone at home with little problems. I could not get the update to work on my Windows XP SP3 but did get it to work on my Windows Vista machine. So far I am impressed with the extended life of the battery and I have noticed less lag than before, which wasn't much to begin with. I love this phone and I can't wait until 2.1 comes out!

  • Doug

    We wrestled with getting the update installed, and did so, but had no idea that all the settings – POP3 setups, applications, application records – would be wiped. Yes, we saved Google Contacts, Calendar and GMail, but this update deletes everything else? Really? Has this been anyone else's experience, or did we miss something?

  • just another day

    spent 3 hours with vista 32 bit never could gt the usb to to connect. Spint sucks

  • perfect ones

  • hi, i like your miandThank you for sharing….wish you best of luck:)

  • priceless

    man just was in the phone with sprint for 2 hours trying to update to the 2.1. I give up going to the store it's to much, but I love this phone.

  • go android..

  • so easy

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