Motorola MB511 “Ruth” Outed – Will it Resemble the “Q” Form Factor?

The chaps at CellphoneSignal have unearthed another Motorola handset in the works.  The model number this time is MB511 and a codename of “Ruth” is attached to it.  As with all newly leaked devices, the list of known specs is rather short.  Here’s what CellPhoneSignal was able to dig up so far…

  • Moto Blur (Android 1.5)
  • 240 x 320
  • Qwerty Keyboard
  • Qualcomm MSM7200A 528MHz
  • Bluetooth 2.o with EDR, WiFi, b/g, and aGPS

We recently learned from Motorola that all of their current handsets will be updated to Android 2.1 so we half expect this to roll out the door with it preloaded by the time it’s ready.  In case you curious as to what kind of handset would have a QWERTY keyboard and a 240×320 screen, take a look at the Motorola Q below.

HTC is slated to offer a similar form factor later this year with their “Salsa” handset.  What are your thoughts on an Android phone with this design?  Are you a fan?

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  • I thought the Q was a cool device except for it being WinMo so I would be a fan. I love android.

  • puckett

    I know some people like the Q's form factor, but it's not for me. I can't imagine going back to anything smaller than HVGA.

  • I think this Q/Blackberry form factor is great for business users. The only thing that needs improving is outlook support. You can only sync the inbox you can't move emails to folders. Furthermore you cannot syncy your agenda. Hopefully full Activesync support will come quickly

  • If it helps to ingratiate the Android platform to enterprise users, I say that's great. It's an attractive form factor, and why shouldn't business users reap the less GUI intensive benefits of the Android platform ? I wouldn't have a problem with a clam-shell Android phone if it means we are that much closer to gaining the critical mass necessary to make Android profitable for developers.

  • Jrotus

    Yes, this is the Ruth prototype and no, it will not be similar to Q… It wi be similar to Moto Cube, but with differente way to open the qwerty…

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  • Hopefully full Activesync support will come quickly.

  • ks

    I’m have been a long time user of motorola’s mobiles. The design of this one is not bad, but I still like the milestone series better.

  • I always find all motorola handsets look quite stunning. However, motorola MB511 ruth is very fascinating offer. Thanks for the refreshing post.

  • It is quite exciting to learn about this amazing handset with so many captivating features.  The users would be a happier lot to see their sets mounted with android 2.1.

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